Trend: microbags

Trend: microbags
Trend: microbags

Fashion boss Karl Lagerfeld announced that this summer the bag should be not just small, but microscopic. So, not wanting to stay away from the fashion trend, Dior released the Mini Be Dior. But this micro-trend has a downside - an astronomical price. However, there are worthy miniatures in the collections of the global mass market.

Trend: micro bags

Microbags are first of all good because you don't put anything extra in them. But you have to be prepared for the fact that in some handbags there is hardly enough space even for a mobile phone, and to fit there, for example, also powder, you will need considerable manual dexterity. In order not to regret the purchase, let's figure out how to adapt this trend to life.

So, if you have a microbag in your wardrobe this summer, don't get carried away with excessive jewelry: visually, jewelry should not outweigh the bag, that is, it is better to refuse massive jewelry equal in size to a bag. If you cannot do without jewelry, then, on the contrary, let there be a lot of them deliberately - in this case, the bag will become just one of the elements of a complex ensemble. But to dare such an experiment, one must have really good taste.

A sheath dress just above the knee with a small bag in the shape of a cube or rhombus will be a simple and good solution for every day. A short dress with a “deaf” top and long sleeves, as well as a dress with a puffy skirt in the style of the 60s, will look spectacular.

The strap of a micro bag slung over the shoulder will look great in combination with a white shirt, loose, or, on the contrary, tucked deep into mom jeans or boyfriends, rolled up just enough to show tanned ankles. Bright sports sneakers with a high platform sole will not hurt this set at all.

Small bags made of shiny metallic material will look especially good on thin pastel knitwear and rough denim. The micro bag will visually become even smaller if you put on a wide-brimmed hat and large dragonfly-type glasses. A micro bag should not be worn under the arm, in fact, this is what makes it different from a clutch.

If you are wearing something layered and lush, then hold the micro bag in your hands - by the handle or intercepting it like a clutch. If the bag has a long strap, wrap it several times around your wrist.

Small bags are in absolute trend this summer, but it makes sense to get one more bag - "for life". Remember that any bag in which you carry documents, a lunchbox and other vital, micro-trend little things will devalue all your efforts to create a fashionable image.

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