How many calories are in bananas, apples and oranges

How many calories are in bananas, apples and oranges
How many calories are in bananas, apples and oranges

It seems that fruits contain natural sugar, which cannot add a couple of extra centimeters to the waist. But is it safe to eat your favorite fruit salads without counting calories and limiting yourself? Let's count.

How many calories are in bananas, apples and other favorite fruits


Contrary to popular belief, contains a small amount of calories. There are only about 70 calories in 100 g of fresh treats. Approved!


Agree, one of the most delicious fruits and a hearty snack that often saves you from hunger during the day. 100 g of a banana contains approximately 100 calories, one banana weighs 150-200 g, therefore, eating one banana, you will get 100-200 calories plus. Not much if it was just one banana.


One fruit contains 40 to 70 calories depending on its color. The greener, the lower this figure.


There are only 30 calories in 100 g of berries. And this is very easy to explain - strawberries are almost water alone. Let's eat boldly! More strawberry facts.



Eating one medium-sized citrus gives you 90 calories, so don't go overboard with orange juice by starting your day with a glass of this sweet and invigorating drink!


A small glass of berries will give you a huge amount of vitamins and only 30 calories. So here you can forget about the limits of decency for a while and eat a huge amount of raspberries that were intended for jam.


The main competitor of raspberries, because 100 g of berries contain exactly the same amount of calories. Do not deny yourself the pleasure! More he althy snack ideas.

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