Fitness injury

Fitness injury
Fitness injury

Do you dream of a perfect figure and decide to go in for sports? In pursuit of quick results, do not make common female mistakes that often lead to injury. We will tell you how to properly familiarize your body with training and how to avoid possible problems.

The most common fitness mistakes that lead to injury Expert: Glazkov Yuri Konstantinovich, traumatologist-orthopedist, Central Clinical Hospital No. ON THE. Semashko JSC Russian Railways, PhD, Member of the European Society for Sports Traumatology of Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA), Member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Run Lola Run

Running is one of the most popular sports. It would seem that difficult? Put on your sneakers and wind up the kilometers ahead. However, not all so simple. Shoes, knee and foot work, warm-up are the key points to pay attention to. If this is not taken into account, you can earn inflammation of the periosteum and Achilles tendon, "runner's knee" (swelling appears as a result of friction of the patella against the femur) and "runner's heel" (pain in the soft tissues of the sole). To prevent these problems from sounding like a STOP signal, it is worth:

  • Pick the right shoes for running. It is better to do this in a specialized sports store;
  • Don't forget to warm up. Thoroughly warming up the muscle can avoid sprains;
  • Run on soft surfaces. Mountains, forests and hard ground are not the best options. Rubber pads are ideal;
  • Don't try to run a marathon right away. Remember, any physical activity is stress for the body. Your body needs time to get used to. For starters, 15 minutes will be enough. If you find that you are doing well, after a while you will be able to increase the time.

And most importantly. Running is not for everyone. With chronic heart disease, overweight, problems with the spine and joints, it is worth looking for other options.

Water, water all around

On hot days, you just want to cool off. And who said that this cannot be done in the city, and with he alth and figure benefits? Swimming in the pool is a great workout. In water, the muscles relax as much as possible, and the risk of getting stretched is minimal. Also, this type of load is indispensable for body shaping. Just imagine: for an hour of class, you can spend about 500 kcal! But small nuances exist here as well. Those who have problems with the spine should not dive and jump from the tower. Chlorinated water can irritate the skin and eyes, so don't forget your goggles, and if you have redness and itching, it's better to postpone going to the pool. Also, do not forget about rubber slippers - they will protect you not only from a fungal infection, but also from falls on a wet floor.

And more. The pool is a place where a large number of people come. No matter how much bleach is added to the water, it is impossible to completely get rid of bacteria. For your own peace of mind and guarantee of he alth, try to find out how often the water in the pool is changed.

Dog pose

Yoga is a trendy fitness trend. Every beginner strives to master as many asanas as possible. However, yoga is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Each pose in it is accompanied by a large amplitude and requires a good stretch. You should not immediately, by all means, sit in the lotus position. Ligament rupture and sprains are not the whole list of possible injuries. If you want to master this type of activity without loss, start exercising 2 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Then listen to yourself and gradually increase the time. For yoga, too, there are contraindications. If you've had compound fractures or joint problems in the past, don't be discouraged and look for your sport further.


In our climate, cycling is not always available. An excellent alternative to this is the exercise bike, a form of cardio training that allows you to control the load on your body. By adjusting the sensors, the trainer will be able to choose the best program for you. To get one hundred percent benefit and not get injured, you must follow several important rules:

  • Don't put all your weight on your hands. Rest on the handles of the simulator, but keep them relaxed;
  • Don't slouch. Your back should be straight, but not too arched. For convenience, you can round your shoulders a little;
  • Keep your head up. Try to look ahead as if you are riding a normal bike;
  • Keep feet parallel to the floor and knees forward;
  • Don't neglect sportswear. It is essential even if you work out at home.

Now for the bad stuff. Training "raids" or vice versa daily will lead to muscle overload. The exercise bike is contraindicated in case of problems with the cardiovascular system, bronchial asthma. Remember, consistency and gradualness are the key to success.

You can't carry your burden

If you have a gym membership and decide to use it, consider free weights. Most often these are exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. For example, lunges are great for working out the legs and hips, and lifts from behind the head are great for the chest. But it is worth noting right away that such loads are much more dangerous than all of the above and require a very careful approach and the help of a specialist. Among the most common injuries are swimmer's shoulder syndrome (injury to the lateral end of the scapula and tendon) and brachial nerve compression.

In pursuit of a beautiful figure, remember that any physical activity must be approached wisely. And if in doubt, do not neglect going to the doctor.

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