These interiors and gardens seem to have stepped out of the pages of fairy tales

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These interiors and gardens seem to have stepped out of the pages of fairy tales
These interiors and gardens seem to have stepped out of the pages of fairy tales

How to make a childhood dream come true and surround yourself with a fabulous environment?

Fairy-tale interiors and gardens inspired by fairy tales

Alas, not all romantics have the good fortune to live in a real Scottish castle. But it doesn't matter. We were born to make a fairy tale come true, and, guided by this rule, landscape and interior designers are happy to draw ideas from legends and legends. In addition to the aesthetic, such projects have a therapeutic effect: the atmosphere of magic can awaken the inner child in any adult.

The Middle Ages are often associated with a fairy tale - this is the time of brave knights and beautiful princesses. Architectural variations on the medieval theme can be found in every corner of the world. Round towers, stone walls and even special tile "under the Middle Ages". This exterior is a kind of time machine.

The growing popularity of the rustic style in the interior (also called rough country) is connected with this. It seems that Robin Hood could return to such a dwelling after walking through Sherwood Forest.

A fireplace or stove deliberately rough-hewn with stone makes even a neutral wooden interior a setting for the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm or the legends of the brave King Arthur. And trees with arms - either Ents or Huorns - hello from The Lord of the Rings.

To enhance the fabulous effect, some homeowners are ready to make houses completely stone. Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother could have lived in this, or the industrious piglet Naf-Naf.

Familiar landscapes of Middle-earth: an authentic hobbit house - a building that is not easy to construct and maintain. However, the popularity of the universe invented by Tolkien turned out to be so great that the architects created at least a dozen standard projects for creating such houses, underground and aboveground.

And here is a modernized version of the hut on chicken legs. In the photo - in the position "to the young man in front, to the forest - back." The legs (more precisely, the leg) perform a historical function: “chickens” in Russia were called a special design of rafters, with the help of which log huts rose above the ground. This saved houses from flooding and rotting in wet, swampy places. In such houses, food caches were also arranged, inaccessible to large animals.

The tree house is also a reason to remember Peter Pan: “The fact is that if the tree is not your size, it is very difficult to go down and up it…”.

A foggy forest - like this - constantly meets travelers in fairy tales: merchants, princes, hedgehogs.

Old interior doors, placed on a low fence instead of a traditional droplet, look like a portal to a parallel reality and give a fabulous look to everything around.

The arched door is another trick "like in a fairy tale": such a gate can only lead to a magical garden.

Man-made through the looking glass is not only a way to visually enlarge the space by relieving the pressure of a blank wall. This is also an occasion to remember the girl who fell down the rabbit hole. It seems that the famous Crazy Tea Party was here.

The Harry Potter saga has had a strong influence on interior trends. Fans began to copy the environment described in the books and shown in the movies (pictured - the living room, repeating the interior of the Dudley family's house). And the children survived the household equipment from under the stairs: this is the most magical place in the house!

It is worth replacing ordinary interior doors with a wardrobe without a back wall - and now you have a full-fledged entrance to Narnia. The doorway will help simulate a mirror in the entire height of the cabinet.

Fairytale forest can be "planted" in a city apartment. Feel like Hansel and Gretel on their way to the gingerbread cupboard.

Building such a ship in a children's room is only possible for a person who himself once raved about the seas, travels and pirates. On this wonderful frigate, you can go for real treasures - knowledge (arrange a workplace in it) or pleasant dreams (arrange a bedroom).

And if you turn the corridor into a real rabbit hole, you can get a personal entrance to Wonderland.

The cave is one of the most fabulous types of housing. They serve as hiding places and shelters, places of residence for cavemen and evil dragons. Oriental tales can give odds to richly furnished mansions.

You can get a cave just by drawing it. The entrance to such a grotto is done with the help of a niche and a mirror inserted into it.

Well, and finally, Cinderella's carriage. Very cute too.

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