Original DIY nail art

Fashion 2023
Original DIY nail art
Original DIY nail art

While open shoes are still warm and relevant outside the window, show your imagination and experiment with nail art! You don't have to be an artist to draw beautiful patterns on your nails - following the instructions of the ORLY brand training manager, you can create original nail art yourself.

Original DIY nail art
Original DIY nail art

To create nail art you will need:

  • Nail polishes - red Butterflies (673), purple Petit Four (671), silver Platinum (058) - ORLY
  • ORLY Instant Artist Jet Black (020)
  • Base Coat
  • Top coat
  • Design Brush

Nail art step by step

  • Decontaminate your nails, coat with base coat and apply Butterflies red polish. After that, with Jet Black paint, use a brush to mark the future design. The basis of the pattern will be intersecting lines.
  • Fill in one of the resulting polygons with purple Petit Four polish.
  • Fill the other polygon with Orly Platinum silver polish.
  • Fill in the remaining polygons in the same way, leaving some of them blank. To make the design more expressive, paint along the lines with black acrylic paint, separating the borders between the two shades.
  • Finish your nail design with a top coat with a glossy shine effect.
  • Design done!
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