MakSim: “I found my happiness!”

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MakSim: “I found my happiness!”
MakSim: “I found my happiness!”

Singer Marina Maksimova performs under the name MakSim, she loves boxing and is used to taking responsibility for everything in life. But with the birth of her second daughter, something changed in her life. And Marina seems to like it.

MakSim: "I found my happiness!"

HOME HEART: Marina, it's so cozy here - it smells delicious of cookies, the cat greets guests, children's voices are heard from the nursery. The mistress of such a house should be homely, soft…

MAXIM: Must be! (Laughs.) In fact, now, with the birth of my second daughter, I really become softer, more feminine, even my musicians have noticed this. And before there was a boy a boy, and even a stubborn, impenetrable one.

BEFORE: Isn't it hard to be a girl with such a character?

M: It can be hard, I would be more flexible, ready as a creative person for anything, maybe success on stage would come faster. But I, as I say to myself, “swallowed the ruler” - I go my own way, not a step to the side, if I have something in mind, I will do it anyway.

BEFORE: Your parents have nothing to do with music…

M: This is how to look. Mom is a kindergarten teacher, by default, a creative person. I approached all matinees seriously, rehearsed a lot, I saw it. Dad is also a passionate person, loves cars, disappears in the garage, passionately collects something, his hands are always covered in paint. Of course, there was no task to make a musician out of me in the family. They sent me to a music school so that I wouldn’t stagger around anywhere, I was engaged in business.

BEFORE: You ended up in Moscow quite early, didn't you? How did you get released?

M: I have been preparing my parents for a long time. They set a condition: to finish school without triples and go to university on their own. It was almost impossible, but I did it. And in the same summer I collected a bag - a huge Chinese one, remember, were there such checkered ones? At the bottom, a caring mother put me a jar of jam, which, of course, broke on the way. Imagine me getting off the train, such a girl in golfs (she looked 14 at 18) and dragging this huge bag along the asph alt. And behind the bag - a bloody trail stretches. Such a terrible, terrible girl, she came from Kazan to conquer Moscow.

BEFORE: And she won!

M: But it didn't work out right away. For the first nine days in Moscow, I lived at the train station…

BEFORE: Poor Mom and Dad… Did they know?

M: Of course not. I called them, saying that everything was fine with me, that I was living with relatives, but I myself had no idea which way to go to them. In general, there were many adventures.

BEFORE: You still look very young. When the news appeared that the singer MakSim gave birth to a second daughter, I looked at your photos and thought: my God, just a baby!

M: I was in the store yesterday, buying wine for my birthday. The saleswoman demands a passport, and I am bursting with pleasure. “You are probably joking,” I say, “do you want to cheer me up?” She rested: "Give me the documents." I told her: "I can show the cream for wrinkles, I'm 32 years old!" The whole line laughed.

BEFORE: Why do you think girls in Russia become wives and mothers so early?

M: I think it's different in different generations. It was my generation that grew up in those times of perestroika, when they told me and all my girlfriends: no one will bring anything on a silver platter, you must build your own career, think about the future yourself, and so on. Family - later. And many of my peers now do not even plan to get married, because they have a career, career, career. It's another matter with girls who are just over twenty - they are brought up differently, for them the most important thing is to successfully marry, start a family, and everything else will follow. This is probably the more correct position.

BEFORE: Didn't you want to get married and have children since childhood?

M: Never, I didn't even have this in games. I had such plans - to save the world, people, animals. I hope to some extent with my songs I do it.

BEFORE: Marina, you are recently in a new relationship. Not worried about how Sasha will perceive your chosen one?

M: I was worried, of course, but everything happened gradually, without haste and panic. I consulted with my daughter, we talked with her for a long time on this topic, we approached carefully …

TO: In this issue we have published an article about the mistakes of "independent" mothers - those who, for various reasons, raise children alone. One of the mistakes is when mothers involuntarily turn children into small adults. They consult with them on issues that are too early for children to decide. What if Sasha didn't want to see this man next to you?

M: Interesting… I guess I felt I wasn't taking any risks by consulting with her. She so dreamed that there would be a “prince”, her mother would be happy, she would give birth to her sister or brother, and I was sure that she would definitely be for it. If I had doubted her answer, I would have approached it differently.

BEFORE: You are lucky that you feel so good about your daughter. When she was born, did the maternal instinct awaken immediately?

M: Oh no! The fact is that I never had babies grow up before my eyes, there were no younger children around, and I was not interested in this at all. And suddenly this miracle was born … The instinct came only four days after birth. I always felt like I was some kind of unlucky mother. She was born very weak, and I was not ready for this. And I felt so sorry for her, here she lies, she can neither say anything nor explain. It seemed to me that I just doomed her to this life. I sat and looked at her for hours and thought: what did I do, why?

BEFORE: This is very touching! Did you prepare for the second birth in some special way?

M: No, there was no time for that. We traveled a lot, we were always somewhere. In general, throughout my second pregnancy, I felt like I was protected, as if I was a little girl and they were protecting me, I was not afraid of anything.

BEFORE: Did you have a big belly?

M: With Mashenka I couldn't see my stomach until the 7th month, it was a very beautiful pregnancy, I gained only 6 kg. But from the first I added twenty, with my height I was just a sphere person.

BEFORE: Why did this happen?

M: I really wanted jam! And I couldn’t live without cakes, but because of this you won’t put me on a diet, I love sweets very much.

BEFORE: And this wonderful figure that we are all seeing here now, how is it possible for a mother of two children, a cake lover and a former sphere person?

M: I have always had a very active lifestyle, tight schedule, constant touring. On stage, I lose two kilograms in just one concert. Well, I love sports. And then pregnancy - and everything had to be left. Of course, I got bored, and immediately after giving birth I ran, I'm not kidding, like Forrest Gump. I also got carried away with tennis, I returned to boxing … The fitness room is not suitable for me, I need a rival. I like it when I have to react quickly, so yoga and Pilates, for example, are not for me at all! But just boxing, apparently, will still have to be left, because there are a lot of filming, and boxing is a traumatic sport.

BEFORE: Do you attack or cry when you get hurt?

M: I can't raise my voice at all, but I'm starting to get really sarcastic. And this sarcasm can sometimes cross the line, I can hurt close people, but only in response. If I have been offended, I cannot sit down and say: this is how you hurt me. I can't pause and say I'm in pain. And it may seem to a person that I cling to him from the fly. But those people who love me have developed a great sense of humor.

BEFORE: Do your kids also get along well? No jealousy?

M: I have heard a lot of stories about the jealousy of the elders to the younger ones! But Sasha turned out to be a real older sister, as in books. There are things that she will never give to anyone in her life, but Mashenka - of course! "Mashenka is my little sister!" She is so proud of her, tells everyone about her how wonderful she is. He plays with her, makes her laugh, jumps, for Sasha the main thing is for her sister to laugh.

TO: Who helps you with the kids?

M: We have wonderful nannies, but we were not lucky right away. Such characters came … For example, one woman was: “So, everything suits me … But I need two hours a day and a separate room to do yoga.” The child was not even a year old at the time. I ask the question: "And if I'm on tour, and you need to do yoga - where is the child at this time?" She was indignant: "Well, if you don't want it - whatever you want." Another came with an excellent resume, but after two days I began to notice that she didn’t just not know how to communicate with children, she didn’t even try. I tried to be loyal, explained everything, directed, but soon I could not stand it: “Well, I see that you have never worked as a nanny, but you are a woman, you must have some kind of instinct!” She did not understand at all what to do with the child, neither when he cries, nor when he needs to wear tights - she put them on back to front and inside out. Then I was lucky - our wonderful Praskovya accidentally came, and after her - her own sister Sveta, with whom we also had a very warm relationship, Sveta even became Mashenka's godmother. They certainly help a lot to organize our whole life.

BEFORE: I can’t help but ask: Mom is a teacher, they know very well how to raise children properly…

M: Oh yes, too good I would say! When Sasha was born, my mother flew in to help, but literally two weeks later I realized that my father in Kazan misses her very much. And I had to give it up. (Laughs.) Now she tries not to interfere too much, to be delicate. We have a close relationship, but we are very different. Sometimes I listen to my friends talking on the phone with their parents: “Dear mommy, beloved daddy, I love you, kiss you …” and all that - if I had said something like that to my parents, they would have decided that with I'm not feeling well or something happened. We are the closest people in the world and love each other, but our communication is rather reserved.

BEFORE: But it seems that everything will develop differently with your daughters.

M: Yes, and I really like it, we have friendly, trusting relations.

BEFORE: You yourself grew up in an ordinary family, like everyone else in our childhood. No one looked after us, in the morning the key was on the neck - and forward. Your daughters have two nannies, now in general you can find a wonderful nanny who, up to ten years old, will properly put on tights for a child. But is there a problem in this: how to teach children to be independent? Will the eldest daughter be able to make her bed or wash the dishes?

M: The fact is that she does not even need to be taught this, let alone forced. She herself does it with pleasure. To talk about the fact that she is completely different from me: as a child, I was interested in everything except household chores, except for cooking. Until I got married, I didn’t know how the stove turned on at all. And Sasha cooks pancakes with pleasure, loves salads very much, cuts everything herself, likes to make dumplings with a nanny, bakes pies - and knows everything about it. Do you know what she wants to be when she grows up? Wife and mother. See?

BEFORE: Don't you think that such girls are happier in life than those with a temperament?

M: I don’t know… It’s hard to judge, I have never been on that side, always only on this side - I competed with men in responsibility, in significance, I took all the decisions. Although now my man is stronger than me many times over, and it gives me great pleasure to be weak, to be FOR a man. It is with him that I can afford it.

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