Come out of the shadows: Stories of stellar success

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Come out of the shadows: Stories of stellar success
Come out of the shadows: Stories of stellar success

They could have remained members of pop groups, little-known presenters or actors of series. But they have become really popular. Celebrities who once did not miss their chance.

Came out of the shadows: Stories of stellar success

Vera Brezhneva (33)

Until now, it is this composition of VIA Gra that is called the best: Nadezhda Granovskaya, Anna Sedokova and Vera Brezhneva. Vera Brezhneva joined the musical group in 2003. And remained its constant participant for more than 4 years. In December 2007 Vera Brezhneva left the group, deciding to start a solo career. And not only did she succeed (her solo compositions were repeatedly awarded music awards and high positions in the charts), she was also able to declare herself as a TV presenter. Last year Vera Brezhneva hosted the TV show "I want to go to Meladze" on NTV, and earlier - "The Magic of Ten" and the show "South Butovo" on Channel One.

More Vera Brezhneva acts in films: in three parts of the romantic comedy "Love in the City" and in the film "The Jungle" with Sergei Svetlakov. Agree, there were many participants in the musical group with a provocative name, but not many achieved such success and popularity. Vera Brezhnev is one of them.

Dmitry Nagiyev (48)

Ask anyone: "Who is Dmitry Nagiyev?" They will immediately answer: the one who hosts the musical show "Voice" on the First; the one who ironically comments on the sports and entertainment program "Big Races"; the one who played the brutal physical education teacher in the television series of the same name. “What does Dmitry Nagiev look like?” He is bald, stylish, often wearing sunglasses. And no one remembers that once Dmitry Nagiev was curly-haired, starred in the humorous television series "Caution, Modern!" and "Beware, Zadov!". Or he played police captain Misha Lesnikov in Kamenskaya. Or hosted the scandalous show "Windows".

Dmitry Nagiev was able to become one of the top presenters and a sought-after showman. And it's hardly just luck. Everything is explained by the amazing performance, charisma and, no doubt, acting talent.

Catherine Barnabas (30)

Ekaterina Varnava first appeared on television as a member of the KVN team "Team of Small Nations". The second and more notable appearance is as part of the entertaining humorous female show "Comedy Woman" on TNT. Catherine Varnava has a bright role in the show - a glamorous sexy beauty who does not hesitate to joke about her nose. It must be admitted that in this women's show all the participants have bright and memorable roles, but still only Ekaterina Varnava was invited to host the show "Dance" on Channel One, and earlier the program "Battle of the Choirs" on the Russia-1 channel.

Add to this filming: Ekaterina Varnava starred in the comedies "8 First Dates" and "Double Trouble".

Pavel Volya (36)

Pavel Volya - a constant participant in the comedy show "Comedy Club" and in the past KVNschik. Admittedly, "Comedy Club" gives many of its members a chance. But not everyone was able to achieve what Pavel Volya has already achieved.

Firstly, he hosted the TV programs Killer League and Laughter Without Rules. Now hosts "Comedy Battle". Secondly, he acts in films. Third, releases music albums. And he gives solo concerts. And Pavel Volya married gymnast Laysan Utyasheva and became a father of two children, but he never made a show out of his personal life: this is a territory closed to discussions, which in our “age of self-promotion” is a big rare.

In the Comedy Club TV project Pavel Volya began to act as a "glamorous bastard", caustically and in places cruelly ridiculing famous people. Today, his monologues are no less ironic, but the heroes of his reasoning are not only public people, but also problems of politics and economics. Sometimes you listen and think: “Only Pavel Volya would dare to say such a thing.”

Victoria Beckham (41)

Victoria Adams Beckham is a unique woman. She began her career as a member of the girl group "Spice Girls" and, by the way, was not the brightest member. But much more famous for her brought a beautiful romance and subsequent marriage to a famous football player - David Beckham. Here begins the story of the Beckhams.

Victoria as an experienced manager and marketing genius makes their marriage a brand. Victoria and David participate together and separately in advertising campaigns, produce goods and cosmetics under their own name, and become welcome guests at all VIP events. At the same time, they are a real family, spouses who love each other and their children - they have four of them: three sons and a daughter.

Moreover Victoria Beckham conquers the world with her appearance, becomes a recognized style icon - her secret formula of elegance plus sexuality, and since 2009 has launched her own clothing line "Victoria Beckham". The once plump “peppercorn” girl proved by personal example that it is possible to change yourself and your life.

Robbie Williams (41)

Music careerRobbie Williams began in 1990 with Take That. And to be honest, Robbie was not a leader in Take That, the band's managers relied on another performer - Gary Barlow. But the rebel by nature Robbie Williams did not triple this situation. He could not and did not want to be one of the five. The singer first demonstrated his protest in a youthful way: he appeared at public events drunk, scandalized, violently quarreled with other performers, and then completely left the group. Announcing the beginning of a solo career. Few believed in the success of his decision. Plus, at that time, Robbie Williams was addicted to alcohol and drugs.

But he did the impossible. He was able to silence the enemies who ironically said about him "that fat dancer from Take That." And became a show business star of the first magnitude.

Today Robbie Williams is considered the most popular British singer, collects stadiums, organizes world tours. And in his personal life - an exemplary husband and father of two children. All unhe althy addictions are in the past. Like the offensive nicknames from the Take That era.

Singer Sia (39)

A year and a half ago, the world first saw a clip in which a girl in a beige swimsuit lives a strange story in dance. Charmed everyone and the voice of the performer. Everyone is talking about Australian singer Sia (Sia). Today, her songs lead the first lines of various charts, she records duets with famous DJs. She is a star.

Meanwhile Sia is no stranger to show business. Just before her voice often sounded backing vocals. Even more often, other musicians performed compositions written by her: Sia collaborated with Christina Aguilera, David Guetta, Rihanna. Sia's first solo album came out back in 1997, but it took almost 20 years for the world to know and love her.

Blake Lively (27)

American actress Blake Lively didn't miss her chance either. Her first film roles were minor, secondary, episodic. Her film career essentially began with participation in the youth series Gossip Girl. Blake Lively got the role to match her appearance - a beautiful, in no way knowing refusal, a girl from high Manhattan society - Serena van der Woodsen. But how many examples do we know when the actresses of the series remain the stars of the series without breaking into the world of big cinema.

And Blake Lively hit Hollywood. She already has starring roles in feature films - Green Lantern and The Age of Adaline, in the latter she showed herself as a dramatic actress, and not just a "beautiful cover girl." Moreover, she became the new muse of Woody Allen, pushing Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson off the honorary pedestal! Blake Lively is currently taking part in Woody Allen's new directorial project. The name of the tape is still kept secret. But everyone knows: Woody Allen is a director of such caliber that his work is unconditionally accepted by both critics and audiences, and the actresses who took part in his films immediately become extremely popular.

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