Fabulous summer at Disneyland Paris

Fabulous summer at Disneyland Paris
Fabulous summer at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris… How many bright meetings and adventures, laughter and happiness in this title!

Fabulous Summer at Disneyland Paris
Fabulous Summer at Disneyland Paris

DISNEYLAND PARIS - one of the few places in the world where not only children but also adults begin to believe in miracles. Just imagine: you go out for breakfast at the hotel, and Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck hurry to keep you company. During the day, walking in the park, you can easily get an autograph from your favorite characters, and later applaud Rapunzel and Chip and Dale during the fabulous parade.

Correct address

It's easy to get into a fairy tale. You can get to Disneyland from Paris by train, just 40 minutes - and you are there. But it is better to come here not for a day, but for several, in order to fully enjoy the magical atmosphere and visit as many entertainments as possible. After all, Disneyland Paris consists of two large parks - Disneyland and W alt Disney Studios. And each of the parks, in turn, is from different zones. Ideally, it will take you three to five days to get plenty of rides, see different performances, and even get to the shooting of a movie.

You can stay in hotels near the park, for example, in Disneyland 5or Disney's Hotel New York 4. Staying at a Disney hotel offers several significant benefits. Firstly, the proximity of the location: if your child wants to take a break, you can quickly return to the room. Secondly, save on entrance tickets for the whole family, as they are already included in the room price. Thirdly, only guests of Disney hotels have a unique opportunity to visit popular attractions and meet characters even before the opening of the park - from 8:00 to 10:00 am.

And one more bonus: purchases made in the shops of the park can be left at the checkout, and soon they will be transferred to the hotel reception, you do not have to carry them with you. Convenient.

It is also worth remembering about the Fastpass service. The special ticket indicates the time by which you need to come to ride the attraction. The service helps to avoid queues. By the way, it's free.

New season

This summer, Disneyland Paris has prepared a luxurious surprise for its guests: the park invites you to be in the fairy tale "Frozen" and make a trip to the northern kingdom of Arendelle, play snowballs in the summer and sing along with your favorite characters. You will get to know the cheerful Anna and her majestic sister Elsa in person and have fun with the adorable snowman Olaf.

Hurry up to see the musical performance and the characters of the fairy tale "Frozen" before September 13th. The show runs several times a day. Venue: Frontierland.

But that's not all surprises! New unique attraction "Ratatouille. Adventure” invites you to see the world around you through the eyes of the main character of the animated adventure - Remy the rat.

Be transported to "his" Paris, breathe in different smells, feel either hot or cold. That's what, it turns out, a city can be different! New technologies, multi-touch effects, 3D projections, dizzying slides and giant colorful scenery create an amazing presence.

And in the bistro "Remy" (the restaurant is located next to the attraction "Ratatouille. Adventure") do not forget to taste the signature vegetable dish of Provencal cuisine - ratatouille from Remy. Bon Appétit!

VIP welcome

When visiting the park, you can use the services of VIP guides. Tell your guide which Disney attractions and animated films you are most interested in, and based on this information, he will create a personalized Disneyland tour plan for you. With a guide, you will skip the line to all attractions, he will help you book the best seats at the parade, the Disney Dreams evening show and reserve a table in the restaurant.

Guides are easy to recognize - in summer they are dressed in plaid three-piece suits. Badges with the flags of those countries whose language the guides speak are pinned on the collars. It's nice that many of them speak Russian. You can order the service immediately upon arrival at the park (in the city hall City Hall), but it is better to do it in advance. The official Russian site of Disneyland Paris contains all the contact details and other useful information.

Have a nice trip!

Thanks to Disneyland Press Service and Disney Russia Office for a magical trip.

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