Wine by zodiac sign: which one suits you?

Wine by zodiac sign: which one suits you?
Wine by zodiac sign: which one suits you?

This "wine horoscope" will help you find the best drink that is recommended for your zodiac sign. Try it and see if the recommendation is correct?

Wine according to the zodiac sign: which one suits you?
Wine according to the zodiac sign: which one suits you?


Your wine: Orange wine

Why: Aries are bright people who always stand out from the crowd, so special drinks suit them. For example, orange wine. This wine is produced according to a special technology from white grapes, which are fermented together with the skins, and then processed according to the technology for the production of red wine. The result is a wine of amazing orange color (like a sunset) with a tart aroma. The innovative way this wine is made is perfect for those who value originality as much as you do.


Your wine: Barolo

Why: You're used to enjoying the finer things in life, so the best old world wine is perfect for you. Barolo is often referred to as the "king of wines". It must be stored for three years before it goes on sale. This exposure allows you to brighten up the spicy, fruity aroma of the drink. Just like Taurus, Barolo only gets better with age.


Your wine: Chenin Blanc

Why: You want to experience everything life has to offer, and routine can bore you to death. So this is the wine you need - it's versatile, just like your tastes. Any wine, sweet or dry, made from Chenin Blanc grapes, has a refreshing taste, and notes of apple, honey and orange blossom are clearly felt in its aroma. It pairs well with many dishes, from pork chops to sushi.


Your wine: Zinfandel

Why: Cancerians are distinguished by their outward cruelty, but once you get to know them better, it turns out that they are one of the kindest and most hospitable people in the world. Zinfandel is something like that. If you try it immediately after opening the bottle, then all you will feel is the taste of alcohol. But decant it for 30 minutes and you can feel the berry and licorice flavors being released in it and a long warm finish of this wine.


Your wine: champagne

Why: You love the holidays, so there is no better drink than this one for you. A glass of bubbly champagne will make a great pair with your sparkling and gushing personality. But if the price of real French champagne seems too high for you, try Cava. This Spanish sparkling wine is produced using Champagne technology and has a good reputation among connoisseurs, and it is also much cheaper.


Your wine: Pinot Noir

Why: Virgos are purists with great attention to detail, which is how Pinot Noir is made. The delicate vine of this Burgundy grape variety can easily die without careful care, so growers need to focus on how to make sure their vineyard thrives. As a result of their efforts, a light wine with a very delicate and complex aroma, in which notes of raspberry jam can be traced, appears. You can enjoy it all year round.


Your wine: Riesling

Why: Most people think Riesling is a sweet wine. But really, it's dry. Easily pairs with any products, even spicy ones that conflict with most wines. This wine reflects Libra's ability to interact productively with everyone. It will bring you pleasure when you feel that your drink perfectly complements (and enhances) your food. It's a win-win choice to accompany any meal on the menu.


Your wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Why: You're the walking embodiment of Selena Gomez's "Good for You" video, so you need a drink that's equally passionate. And the cabernet will not disappoint. Many people cannot understand what attracts them so much in this thick wine with aromas of cherries and tobacco. Doesn't this mysterious attraction remind you of someone?


Your wine: Teran

Why: You love to connect with people and the unique aroma of this Slovenian wine will give you that opportunity. Teran is a full-bodied wine with gamay plum and iron flavors. Yes, it is iron - that's what makes it different from everything you've tried before. One sip and you'll want to share what you know with everyone.


Your wine: Bordeaux

Why: Bordeaux is timeless and unaffected by changing tastes. This is a classic wine with an excellent reputation and, like anyone who appreciates quality and consistency, you will rest easy knowing that any bottle of this wine you buy will be excellent. Like you, this wine is timeless.


Your wine: Biodynamic wine

Why: You are known for your progressive humanitarian views and love to try new things. So if you're not familiar with biodynamic wine yet, it's time to do so. Produced under strict organic farming practices, this wine has a sharp, tart flavor that is closer to that of sour beers than traditional red wines. Chill it in the fridge for 30 minutes and it will soon become your new favorite summer drink.


Your drink: low sparkling natural wine

Why: You hate being labeled or cornered because you are you. That's why the right wine for you will leave people wondering - what is it? Light sparkling natural wine bubbles with beads in the light - this is the "little sister" of champagne. Sparkling wine is not as aggressive, it has no added sugar, which releases a zesty, tart flavor in it that seems to embody your fun, free spirit.

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