His excuses are your actions: how to convince a man to play sports

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His excuses are your actions: how to convince a man to play sports
His excuses are your actions: how to convince a man to play sports

According to the statistics of the He althy Nutrition Research Center, in Russia 54% of men over 20 years old are overweight and 15% are obese. What to do if your loved one replenishes this statistics and does not want to go to the gym for anything, and only wearily dismisses all your calls to go in for sports? We have collected the most common excuses of spouses and an action plan for each case, and Herbalife fitness expert Pavel Fatykhov shared a masculine view of the problem with us.

His excuses are your actions: how to convince a man to play sports
His excuses are your actions: how to convince a man to play sports

I don't have time

Your husband works 40 or more hours a week, plays computer games, goes fishing - how do you find time for sports in such a schedule?

Really: "Here it is important to understand that physical activity is as much an integral part of life as sleeping, eating or brushing your teeth," says Pavel Fatykhov. They think that fitness is long and difficult, but in fact, to stay in shape, it is enough to train for 1 hour 3 times a week. The main thing is to get involved and take training as a routine.

What to do: In order to convince your husband that he definitely has time for sports, try to schedule his daily activities with him for one week: this simple and effective time- management will show how many hours he loses from his life watching useless programs on TV or just doing nothing. The result will probably surprise your spouse and make you think about how to make better use of time.

I'm shy: I'll come to the gym, everyone is athletic there, but I have a belly

A man may worry about his appearance, but not go to the gym because he does not want to look new and incompetent in it, because it hurts his ego.

Really: Anyone who has achieved high results once started small - this fully applies to working on their body.

What to do: First, suggest that he first work out at a time when there are few people in the gym - early in the morning or late in the evening.

Secondly, for many, a quality sports suit, oddly enough, becomes a good motivation. The modern fitness uniform does not get wet from sweat, does not constrain movements and looks professional - putting it on, a man will immediately want to act! Homemade T-shirts and shorts with palm trees indicate a beginner in the gym and do not increase his motivation.

Thirdly, a man is a hunter, and therefore it is easier for him to strive for real and clear goals than for an abstract “good form”. Let them be small at first - for example, lose 3 kg in 10 days or bring the number of pull-ups up to 50 times. Many men are positively influenced by the competition - if he strives to overtake his friend or colleague who has also begun to train, then they will both more likely to succeed.

Fourthly, a man is greatly influenced by the example of other men. This explains why husbands are not always inspired by the activity of their sports wives: of course, they are glad to see a slender and well-groomed wife next to them, but they themselves are not in a hurry to go to the gym at the sight of her sports victories. The correct method is to ask your friend to casually talk about how her plump chosen one lost 10 kg and now pulls barbells better than an instructor. Find out the details, show interest and admire loudly: this is how you indirectly make it clear to your spouse that he would do well to “pump up.”

“As a rule, any man has his own authority among movie actors and athletes. However, many of them, who have a beautiful body, began to join the sport just because of the feeling of dissatisfaction with their bodies! - Adds Pavel. They also started small. This can be a good incentive for your spouse. Moreover, among your mutual acquaintances, there is probably a person who has changed himself with the help of regular training. Conversing with this person is great to spur your husband on by giving him a clear visual reference.”

I'm already tired, and you're also driving me to the gym

A man comes home from work squeezed like a lemon, and the only exercises he can do is get a beer from the fridge and lie down on the sofa.

In reality: “After a whole day at work, we get tired not physically, but mentally and mentally,” explains Herbalife fitness expert Pavel Fatykhov. - In addition, due to sedentary work, blood flow is disturbed, breathing becomes more shallow, body cells do not receive enough oxygen. And during training, on the contrary, the hormone of joy is produced - endorphin, the body is saturated with oxygen, and the person feels a surge of energy. Physical activity does not take away our last strength, but gives the body a real rest. Tested: A person who exercises regularly feels more energetic than someone who passively rests after work.”

What to do: The main thing is to motivate him to start training, which will eventually become a habit. Some men do not want to do fitness because they prefer other sports to training in the gym. Offer him the type of activity that will be interesting to him.

“Of course, it is important to do what you like,” says Herbalife fitness expert Pavel Fatykhov. - This reduces the risk that a man will quit the sport due to loss of passion. Football, skiing, running, boxing, cycling will increase overall muscle tone, and will also contribute to fat burning processes, since most of these sports require active movement and cardio loads. However, in order to build muscle mass, such training is best combined with classes in the gym or with exercises with free weights (barbells, dumbbells) at home.”

Don't you love me like that? But Klava at work thinks I'm very attractive

Really:Many men resort to this excuse, but even if there is some truth in it (being slim, he attracted you more), it is better for your husband not to know about it.

What to do: You have probably said more than once that the appearance of your spouse is not important to you, the main thing is his he alth. When explanations don't work, the most extreme women resort to the drastic measure of putting their husband in his place. Namely, they stop caring for themselves and gain a few kilograms, and to the reproaches of their husband in fullness and unaesthetic form, they respond with a request to help lose weight, motivate them to go in for sports. So the man will feel needed and useful, and will really keep you company.

We need to do repairs in the apartment, and you offer me money to spend on fitness

Actually: The services of a fitness trainer are needed only at the beginning to create an individual training program and refine the technique. Then you can work out with free weights at home.

What to do: Try to explain that when a person looks after his body, he not only becomes he althier, but also improves his career prospects. A person in good shape is more likely to get promoted than someone who starts himself. Thus, playing sports is just a waste of money, and an investment in yourself. In addition, many sports practically do not require any money - running, home exercises with dumbbells, cross-fit, which is popular today.

“I already feel good, well, I got better, so what? I'm not 18!”

Really: Being overweight is fraught with problems of the cardiovascular system, hormonal levels, sexual dysfunction, diabetes and other diseases.

What to do: Give the floor to the experts. If your husband sincerely doesn't understand why he should be chewing lettuce instead of his favorite french fries, take him to a nutritionist. He will clearly explain the mechanisms of nutrition and energy consumption in our body, talk about the dangers of being overweight.

Of course, you should not arrange a trip to a nutritionist as if your husband is sick, and you brought him to treat. Tell him that you yourself are interested in proper nutrition and want to clarify some questions with a specialist. And since you eat together, both of you should also know the necessary information.

Conclusion: some more tips

  • Don't forget to praise your husband for all his achievements. As soon as you notice that his shoulders have become more prominent, and his stomach has begun to tighten up, be sure to let him know!
  • If you and your husband go to the same fitness center, try to work out in different rooms. It is likely that your spouse - especially at first - will be embarrassed to train with you, although he will never admit it.
  • Do not repeat the mistake of many women who constantly “saw” their spouse and point out his shortcomings. Your task is to make the man himself come to the decision to lead a he althy lifestyle. You, as a gray cardinal, can only guide him, and let him doubt his independence for a minute. “You should not say directly that your husband has gained weight, constantly reproach him for this and put the scales in a prominent place,” explains Herbalife fitness expert Pavel Fatykhov. - This does not motivate him, but on the contrary, it will anger him and cause rejection from training. It is better to let your husband understand how dear he is to you, and explain that it is not so much his appearance that worries you, but his he alth.”

We hope that your efforts will not be in vain, and thanks to them your spouse will still leave the couch and launch a war against excess weight and unhe althy habits.

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