7 ways to peel fruit to make your life easier

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7 ways to peel fruit to make your life easier
7 ways to peel fruit to make your life easier

These little tricks will help you quickly and beautifully peel kiwi, remove stones from berries and prolong fruit freshness

7 ways to peel fruit that will make your life easier

[PAGED_GALLERY] [GPAGE_V]Peel the kiwi with a spoon[/GPAGE_V] Cut off both ends of the kiwi, then stick a sharp teaspoon into the flesh close to the skin and move the spoon around the flesh around the circumference of the kiwi. [GPAGE_V]Remove the strawberry stalk with a cocktail straw[/GPAGE_V] This will make it easier to peel strawberries from the core for desserts and cocktails without damaging their shape. Put the berry on a plastic straw like a kebab on a skewer and push it forward - the core will pop out immediately, and the berry will remain whole. [GPAGE_V]Cutting an orange into wedges without a peel[/GPAGE_V] There is no easier way than this, but it will take practice first. Cut off the top and bottom of the unpeeled orange, then cut it in half, but not through, aligning the tip of the knife with the white center of the orange (as shown in the photo). Unwrap the orange with slices. Now all its segments are open and ready to use. You can cut the flesh of each segment from the white film, if necessary. [GPAGE_V]Keep an apple fresh with a rubber band[/GPAGE_V] After you've cut the apple in half, put a rubber band over it to hold the halves together. This will save the apple from oxidation and the appearance of a dirty brown color. [GPAGE_V]Remove pits from cherries with the tip of a pastry syringe[/GPAGE_V] First, remove the stalk, and then stick the star nozzle from the pastry syringe into the cherry and move it up. The pit will pop out from the other end of the cherry. You can also use a strong plastic straw or paper clip. [GPAGE_V]Keep Bananas Fresh Under Wrap[/GPAGE_V] Do you know how to speed up the ripening of green bananas by turning them brown quickly? To do this, they are placed in a paper bag and placed on a cabinet. Did you know that you can slow down the browning process by wrapping bananas in plastic wrap? Some claim that this keeps them yellow for 3 to 5 days. [GPAGE_V]Peel a mango with a glass[/GPAGE_V]

Separating the mango skin from the pulp is not easy. It is much easier to take out the pulp with a simple glass beaker. To do this, cut the mango in half, remove the stone, pick up one half and, as shown in the photo, stick the edge of the glass into the pulp. Moving forward, you can easily cut out a large piece of pulp. Repeat the process and cut out all the flesh, leaving the peel.


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