12 things that will create a sea atmosphere in your home

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12 things that will create a sea atmosphere in your home
12 things that will create a sea atmosphere in your home

Make them with your own hands and feel like on the sea coast, even if you are far from it

12 things that will create a sea atmosphere in your home

[PAGED_GALLERY] [GPAGE_V]Rope coasters[/GPAGE_V] Knot-style coasters for cups and glasses will protect the surface of the table and remind you of sea voyages.

[GPAGE_V]Navy knot on the lamp[/GPAGE_V] You can also tie a rope around the base of the table lamp, a cute detail that will also remind you of a beach holiday.

[GPAGE_H]Seashell Candles[/GPAGE_H] Melt wax or paraffin from an ordinary candle and pour it into the shells collected on the beach to make seashell candles.

[GPAGE_V]Artificial Coral[/GPAGE_V] Leave the real coral on the beach and make your own coral out of wire with melted glue from a wire sprayer.

[GPAGE_V]Mermaid Mirror[/GPAGE_V] Tie around the frame of an old mirror with string and stick a few shells and dried starfish on it, then hang it in your entryway for a nautical inspiration and tranquility as soon as you walk in.

[GPAGE_H]Fisherman's candlesticks[/GPAGE_H] A few glass jars woven with a thin rope in the form of a net will remind you of a fisherman's catch and easily turn into original candlesticks. Fill them with some sand and place floating candles on the bottom.

[GPAGE_V]Driftwood Mirror[/GPAGE_V] Gather pieces of driftwood on the beach in summer to make an original frame for your beautiful mirror at home.

[GPAGE_V]Patterned Rope Coasters[/GPAGE_V] To make these sisal rope or rope coasters, simply twist a piece of rope in a spiral while brushing with liquid glue. When dry, apply the pattern with stencil paint. For example, in the form of an anchor. A big plus is that you can make coasters of any size this way.

[GPAGE_V]Mini Terrarium[/GPAGE_V] A low maintenance glass vase terrarium is the perfect place to display many of your marine finds such as shells.

[GPAGE_H]Starfish Garland[/GPAGE_H] Make your own starfish out of s alt dough or clay for this cute garland and hang it in your garden or window.

[GPAGE_V]Lighthouse candle holders[/GPAGE_V] To make these original lighthouse candle holders, you will need cardboard cereal boxes, glue, dark blue paint and wire. Cut the boxes and fold them into a tube, glue the seam. Cut out circles for the top and glue them to the base. Weave wire candle holders or buy ready-made ones.

[GPAGE_V]Navy style coffee table[/GPAGE_V] If you still have a spool of electrical wire after repairs, you can turn it into a coffee table. Paint the top and bottom blue and wrap the middle (leg) with a rope. Also glue the edges of the table with a rope. For convenience, attach 4 small wheels to the base of the table so that it can be moved around the room. [/PAGED_GALLERY]

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