When to do cosmetic procedures?

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When to do cosmetic procedures?
When to do cosmetic procedures?

Everyone knows that moisturizer should be applied morning and evening, but what about anti-aging care: antioxidants, peptides or acids? Find out your skin cycle and use your makeup at the right time of day.

Beauty by the hour: what time of day to apply facial treatment?
Beauty by the hour: what time of day to apply facial treatment?

Alena Averkina, beauty blogger

Our skin has a natural 24-hour cycle that is influenced by hormones and environmental stresses. For the most effective facial treatment, remember two main rules: the skin needs protective ingredients during the day and repairing ingredients at night.

Morning: 5-6 pm

Surely you have noticed that in the early morning the skin becomes sensitive and does not perceive the usual care? It's all the fault of the hormone cortisol, which rages in the blood and provokes negative skin reactions: sensitivity, inflammation, and even allergies. If your morning starts very early, then apply gentle care to your face: a soothing or anti-inflammatory cream, for example, based on calendula.

Morning: 8-10 am

Morning care should be a reliable shield for the skin for the whole day: use antioxidants, active hydration and sun protection. The purpose of these products is to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment: ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution, stress and radiation from computer monitors. Look for products that contain anti-free radical vitamins C and E and hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration.

Day: 12-14 pm

By lunchtime, excess sebum appears on the face, so it's time to remove oil from the T-zone. Use mattifying wipes that effectively absorb sebum and do not ruin makeup.

Evening: 9pm

In the evening, the skin becomes sensitive again: fatigue, stress and long wearing of makeup affect. Thoroughly cleanse your face of impurities and apply a soothing or anti-inflammatory cream.

Evening: 23-24 hours

It is at night that our skin is actively restored: it neutralizes the action of free radicals, increases collagen production and renews cells. To enhance the anti-aging effect, help the skin with active care: use products with peptides, retinol or fruit acids. A couple of times a week, you can use special night masks: they work both on their own and on top of your usual care. This trick saves a lot of time, because the mask works while you sleep.

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