Ordinary woman challenged top models

Ordinary woman challenged top models
Ordinary woman challenged top models

French journalist Natalie Crocket created a photo project parody of famous fashion campaigns. Who is better?

An ordinary woman challenged top models …

Natalie Croquet (Nathalie Croquet), a French journalist and stylist, created a photo project in which she copies advertising posters of famous fashion brands, reconciling the images of fashion icons. And by personal example he proves that not only famous top models are worthy of admiration. Natalie Crockett has tons of fans online, many of her parodies get thousands of "likes" and words of gratitude.

She posts her photographs Natalie Crockett on Instagram and her personal website and encourages users to treat them with humor, but most importantly with love for their appearance and age.

In her photo project called 'Spoof' Natalie Crocket replicates images from advertising posters of popular fashion brands. Natalie strives for a 100% match: makeup, clothes, posture, entourage and emotional state.

The goal of the photo project Natalie Crockett "Spoof" is to show herself (that is, an ordinary woman) as she is: with advantages and disadvantages. That is why she does not use the filters and tools of the Photoshop program. Everything is as natural as possible. And authentic.

Internet users support Natalie Crocket's impulse with "likes". And many admit that they are more interested in seeing not perfectly edited models, but Natalie's laid-back and natural beauty. And you?

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