Angelina Jolie style. Mom VS Diva

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Angelina Jolie style. Mom VS Diva
Angelina Jolie style. Mom VS Diva

Angelina Jolie is a successful actress, director, screenwriter, UN Goodwill Ambassador, mother of six children, wife of Brad Pete and, in combination, the owner of the title of the most beautiful woman in the world. She boasts not only the famous plump lips, but also a recognizable style - elegant no matter the situation. Today we look at Jolie's style of dressing as a caring mother and as a Hollywood movie star.

Angelina Jolie style. Mom VS Diva
Angelina Jolie style. Mom VS Diva


The hallmark of Jolie's style is color. She often chooses a black total look. Black color is neutral, strict, elegant and, which is important for a mother of many children, non-staining. On the playground, she is not much different from other moms: her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, flat shoes, dark glasses that hide her lack of makeup and the effects of sleepless nights.

For walks with children, the actress chooses a minimum of accessories. But an invariable attribute is a voluminous bag in which Angelina most likely carries children's toys, napkins, sweets and other accessories for babies.

For walks with children, Jolie chooses comfortable clothes. She almost never wears women's dresses. She usually wears trousers, complemented by a shirt, t-shirt or loose-fitting T-shirt. Shoes choose exclusively neutral colors: black or nude. Favorite model - flat pumps.

Yes, Mommy Angelina doesn't spend hours in front of the mirror dressing up. But each of her looks can be called stylish and elegant, albeit with a touch of casualness.

Jolie-Hollywood Diva

For secular outlets, Angelina Jolie chooses a wider range of colors, but, nevertheless, neutral colors remain in priority: gray, white, powdery, blue. Sometimes a celebrity likes to draw attention to themselves with pure bright colors: green, red, yellow.

For special occasions, she wears long dresses with a simple design. Instead of many decorative elements, he relies on one, but spectacular detail. Usually it becomes a cut to the thigh.

Angelina steps onto the red carpet in high heels. The color of the shoes, as in everyday life: classic black and neutral nude. In the wardrobe of the actress, there are especially a lot of pumps and models with an open nose. The actress adheres to minimalism in the selection of jewelry. She usually complements her evening look with earrings that accentuate her long neck and draw attention to her eyes.

Speaking of eyes - Angelina focuses on them in evening makeup with brown or gray shadows. The actress already has an expressive face, so contrasting black would look too dramatic. For lips, she prefers to use nude or light pink shades. Red lipstick in Jolie's makeup is rather an exception to the rule.

The actress does not experiment with hairstyles. She has two favorite looks: loose hair with soft waves or neatly pulled up and pinned up in a simple bun.

As we can see, Angelina, Oscar winner and mother of many children, knows how to prioritize. In life, she is a caring mother, ready for any children's whims. But at secular exits - a real diva in the spirit of old Hollywood.

Which image do you think suits Angelina Jolie more - mothers or film stars? Discussing the style of the most beautiful woman in the world in the comments.

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