Maid secrets in expensive hotels: how to clean quickly and efficiently

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Maid secrets in expensive hotels: how to clean quickly and efficiently
Maid secrets in expensive hotels: how to clean quickly and efficiently

If anyone knows how to quickly and efficiently clean a room, it's maids in good hotels. They know dozens of tricks and are able to give a lot of advice that will help you put your house in order. Here are some secrets to keep in mind.

Cleaning secrets we learned from maids
Cleaning secrets we learned from maids

The secret to effective dust removal lies in the right fabric. Microfiber is the most suitable cloth for dusting. If you don't have one, use a 100% cotton cloth, such as an old baby diaper, pillowcase, or T-shirt. Try not to use terry towels or polyester for this purpose - they can create even more dust.

Dust particles from curtains can circulate around the room for a long time. “The best way to keep your curtains dust-free is to beat them off with a wet or dry towel,” says Maria Stickney. “Get a medium-sized towel-it should be heavy enough to hit hard, but light enough so your arm doesn’t get tired-roll it up.” into a tube and beat off the curtains. Beat all the dust on the floor and then vacuum it up.”

Always vacuum the floor - or sweep - before mopping. "You don't want to find wet hair on the floor - it's very hard to remove," says Stickney. "When it's time to mop the floors, start at the far corner and work your way to the door."

Let your cleaners do the work for you. “Spray shower and toilet walls with cleaning products and leave for a few minutes,” says Stickney. - Use this time to clean mirrors, windows, first aid kit, and everything else in the room. You will spend less effort, and the dirt will come off easier. Because your means worked. How to clean less often and not waste extra energy.

Your mom may have taught you to vacuum from the back of the room and work your way out, but Anderson uses a different method: “First you vacuum the areas of the room where you most walk, and then work your way to the exit.” - this way you will double clean the most used places of the floor or carpet.”

"You think we're using some kind of secret weapon for cleaning, but the best we have is white vinegar and water," says Stickney. ‒ This product cleans a lot of things well and can even remove traces left by other cleaning products. Fill a spray bottle with a solution containing one part vinegar to three parts water, and go." How else can you use table vinegar at home.

Of course, it's unlikely you'll be cleaning every inch of your apartment with a fine brush, but Stickney uses a toothbrush from time to time when cleaning. “I have several small brushes that can get into all the narrow nooks and crannies of the bathroom. Particularly hard-to-clean places are the screws at the bottom of the toilet, where toothbrushes come in handy.”

Maids keep everything they need for cleaning on their handy work carts. Take a cue from them and make yourself a mini version: fill a plastic basket or bucket with all the detergents, rags and brushes. “When everything is stored in one place or in one container, it reduces the amount of time to work,” says Anderson. “Keep your cleaning kit in the bathroom so you can easily find what you need when you need it.”

  1. First they clean everything up.
  2. They prefer microfiber for dusting.
  3. They clean the curtains regularly.
  4. They vacuum the floor before mopping.
  5. They clean the bathroom last.
  6. They know cleaning products take time to work.
  7. They don't vacuum the way you were taught.
  8. They use vinegar for cleaning.
  9. They always have a toothbrush in their pocket.
  10. They keep their tools handy.

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