Italian mommy tips, or how to live to 101

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Italian mommy tips, or how to live to 101
Italian mommy tips, or how to live to 101

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Italians among centenarians? These people know how to eat right, relax and love life. Let's learn a little from them.

Tips from an Italian mom, or how to live to be 101 years old
Tips from an Italian mom, or how to live to be 101 years old

My friend, a Roman, has a lot of long-livers in his family. His grandmother, for example, is 101 years old and his grandfather is 99, they are of sound mind and memory, they are engaged in home olive oil production and love each other as much as they did many years ago. What is their secret? The old people told their grandson about this.

Rule 1

Love life and everything around you. If you can fix something, make someone's life better, do it! If not, watch her from the side, never ceasing to rejoice at the little things: the laughter of children, the purring of a cat, the clinking of dishes at the table where the whole family gathers.

Rule 2

Take care of yourself and your family. Whatever family you have, try to organize joint holidays and gatherings more often, bringing everyone together. You will definitely remember the past and pleasant moments, anecdotes and funny cases, which will make your mood improve and wrinkles will decrease!

Rule 3

Food. Italian food is sacred! They never cook in advance. Pasta is cooked on average 20 minutes, pizza - 40, salad - no more than 15, so there is no need to keep pans with the first or second in the refrigerator, stocking up for a week. Such light meals can be prepared every day.

Rule 4

Drinks. Italians drink a lot of water which makes their skin more hydrated and refreshed. He alth is reflected in the face, so carefully monitor the diet and the amount of water that you drink every day, it should be at least 2 liters. The concept of "tea with sweets" is absent. There is no tea or sweets. Italians' favorite drinks are water, freshly squeezed orange juice, espresso coffee. Usually after a hearty meal there is a break of about 20 minutes, followed by a cup of black coffee or a glass of water.

Rule 5

By the way, Italians are absolutely sure that coffee is “a friend from seven ailments.” Headache? Drink coffee! Digestive problems? Coffee! One can argue with this, but if there are no contraindications, and you do not suffer from high blood pressure, then you can safely afford a couple of cups of this drink a day. Another Italian rule is coffee with milk, which should only be drunk at breakfast. If you drink cappuccino or latte after dinner, and even more so after something greasy and fried, and even with dessert, you are definitely not Italian. Coffee with milk should be drunk only before noon, otherwise you are threatened with indigestion and extra calories.

Rule 6

Alcohol. Italians are big fans of wine. Sometimes they drink it instead of water at lunch and dinner every day, and this is considered an absolute norm. The only “but” is that they often dilute it with water in a ratio of 1/1 so that it is not so strong and does not make you sleepy after a heavy meal.

Rule 7

Try to drink less pills. Many Italians do not recognize medicines from the pharmacy and sincerely believe that the most effective methods of treatment are sun, sea and delicious food. These people are not at all afraid of the sun, believing that its rays give life, and the sea saturates the body with energy, therefore, when planning a vacation, do not forget about these simple rules. If you suddenly get a sore throat - do not rush to run to the pharmacy, eat ice cream! This is how children's doctors in Italy advise treating a cold.

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