Kitchen interior design: how to design a kitchen in a cozy and practical way

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Kitchen interior design: how to design a kitchen in a cozy and practical way
Kitchen interior design: how to design a kitchen in a cozy and practical way

The kitchen is the heart of the home. There we start our day by making coffee, gathering with friends, having family dinners, talking with children. What will be the interior of your kitchen will affect the mood of the whole family and the atmosphere in the house. We will show you how to choose the right kitchen interior and make this place cozy, stylish and comfortable.

How to choose an interior for the kitchen and what style to choose
How to choose an interior for the kitchen and what style to choose

Most important: the style of the kitchen

When choosing a style for your kitchen, first of all listen to yourself - of course, paying attention to fashion trends. Recently, designers have identified such areas in the interior design of a modern kitchen:


Perfect style for lovers of minimalism and technical innovations. Shiny surfaces, stainless steel cookware and trendy appliances make this style very functional and modern. A high-tech kitchen is suitable for those who appreciate order, are used to acting clearly and decisively, and like to bring everything to perfection.


A completely different style for romantic natures who dream of French lavender fields and love cute trinkets. Artificially aged light wood furniture, an abundance of memorable details, finely patterned fabrics, floral-printed chinaware are the main components of the Provence style.

Classic kitchen style

Having decorated the kitchen in a classic style, you can be sure that such a design will not lose its relevance in a couple of years. This style is best suited for decorating a large space. Restrained, respectable and refined, the classic style implies the use of high-quality natural wood furniture, expensive accessories and modern technology.

Scandinavian style

White color, practicality and laconic forms are the main features of the Scandinavian style in the interior. Natural colors, clever use of space and a pleasant, calm color palette make Scandinavian-style kitchens popular and loved all over the world.

Country style kitchen

How to choose a kitchen interior for a large family? Perhaps it is "country" that will help make the kitchen the most comfortable. This style is suitable for women who put home and family first in life. Indeed, in the "village" kitchen it is so pleasant to cook and meet guests, set a large table and spend time with loved ones. Home textiles and traditional-style wooden furniture will help create the right atmosphere for intimate conversations.

How to choose the right colors in the interior of the kitchen

The choice of primary colors and secondary shades is a crucial part in planning a kitchen design, because your emotional state depends on the color. The choice of color largely depends on the style of the kitchen. So, the Provence style involves the use of cream and light shades, high-tech requires shiny and metallic colors, and the Scandinavian style requires the active use of white and shades of natural wood.

The kitchen area can be decorated in one color or several colors

Traditional is the use of one main shade and one secondary, for example, red and gray. In order to place color accents, it is recommended to use not only accessories, but also equipment.

Choosing technique

To determine the best set of appliances for your kitchen, consider how often you plan to cook and what exactly you are going to do. So, for example, if you rarely eat at home, prefer to order prepared food, and you do not have time for daily cooking, you do not need a large hob and only two burners will be enough. If you have a large family, frequent guests and cook a lot, consider placing a large dishwasher and quality oven.

A refrigerator is a must in the kitchen, no matter how often you cook in it

Special attention should be paid to the choice of a refrigerator, because the quality and taste of the products that you use every day depend on it.

When choosing an interior for the kitchen, we first of all choose the mood for our home and dream of happy days that we will spend in this interior. Make every detail in your kitchen fit and functional!

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