5 hottest prints of the season

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5 hottest prints of the season
5 hottest prints of the season

The surest and fastest way to add variety to your wardrobe is to buy a few things with an interesting print: for example, the Vichy check, which Brigitte Bardot herself has become a symbol of, will add elegance to you, and the cheerful colored "peas" scattered on the frills of the dress, will cheer up not only you, but also those around you. Consider the most fashionable prints of the outgoing summer.

5 hottest prints of the season
5 hottest prints of the season

[PAGED_GALLERY] [GPAGE_V]Peas[/GPAGE_V] Polka dots, which have not lost their popularity for many years, are back in fashion this season. The classic black and white version of the print appeared everywhere: on asymmetrical mini-dresses, mini-skirts, puffy sundresses and even translucent blouses. But, despite the global recognition and almost classic status, you should not wear polka dots (especially large and colored ones) at work or official events. If there is a polka dot accessory in the outfit, it is best to combine it with a monochrome set - then you are guaranteed impeccable style and elegance.

[GPAGE_V]Gingham cage[/GPAGE_V] Initially, gingham is a striped fabric made of dyed yarn. When gingham was brought from Malaysia to England, they began to spin it into a small two-color cage - the most common combination of colors is white with red, blue, green, blue and black. At first, gingham was used as a shirt fabric, because it is thin and light, but soon dresses with puffy skirts began to be sewn from this pleasant fabric in all respects (think of Brigitte Bardot). can be anything, but in a casual wardrobe, small and medium checks look best. Look for shirt dresses, plaid midi dresses, pencil skirts, floor-length evening dresses, as well as summer coats or raincoats for autumn.

[GPAGE_V]Flowers[/GPAGE_V] Flowers have always been and remain a source of inspiration, and therefore the floral print cannot be called the know-how of modern designers. And this summer was no exception. Flowers on the fabric can be anything: simple, field, and the most incredible, exotic. The number of flowers is also not limited - you can afford more than one million scarlet roses, carnations, poppies and peonies. Separately, it is worth mentioning the shoes with a floral print, which are suitable not only for a romantic date, but also for work (provided that the lush flowering on the shoes is restrained by the severity of a business suit or a sheath dress). In addition, fashion forecasters predict that floral shoes will not lose their relevance in the fall.


Patchwork - "patchwork" - a technique in which a single product is sewn from fabric patches of various shapes and sizes. However, modern designers decided not to waste time on the laborious and lengthy process of patchwork stitching and simply “sealed” the finished products with a pattern that imitates patchwork. Well, such an appliqué really looks no worse than the original technique - coupled with the modern cut of dresses, this print will look especially advantageous.

[GPAGE_V]Art Prints[/GPAGE_V]

It doesn't matter what art school, genre or style you prefer, because this summer there is no arguing about tastes. Choose whatever your heart desires: brightly colored printed dresses reminiscent of Kandinsky's geometric abstractions or Marco Rothko's color fields, fabric prints of Claude Monet's landscapes on blouses, Francois Boucher's pastorals or Van Gogh's famous "Sunflowers" on t-shirts.

If you still can’t choose one thing, then complicate your task and try to combine materials that contrast in pattern (as well as in texture) in one set, because it was precisely such a creative technique that became the main all the fashion collections of the outgoing summer season.


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