Trends of the 90s, relevant today

Fashion 2023
Trends of the 90s, relevant today
Trends of the 90s, relevant today

Fashion is cyclical, and each of its turns seems new to us only at first glance. The 90s have long been considered a special period when beauty bordered on bad taste. But look at what designers offer us today: short tops, chunky shoes, grunge style. This fact only confirms the predictability and inevitability of repeating fashion trends. The elements remain the same, only their interpretation changes slightly.

Trends of the 90s, relevant today
Trends of the 90s, relevant today

Open shoulders

Peasant-style dresses, loose-fitting tops with a frill that wraps the shoulders in a cloud are perhaps the least controversial piece of clothing that has returned to the catwalks after 20 years. Before summer is over, go for romantic or boho-chic off-the-shoulder looks.

Crop top

Want to find out what tops are in fashion now - watch video clips of Britney Spears at the beginning of her career. The only thing that has changed is the way it is combined with other things. If earlier crop tops were worn with jeans set low on the hips, today designers recommend refraining from exaggerating the body. The best addition to a cropped top is a skirt or trousers with a high waistline. Crop top: pros and cons on the examples of stars.


Accessory imitating a neck tattoo has not changed at all over the years. One gets the feeling that since the mid-90s, factories have been constantly stamping chokers and waiting for the right moment to sell them. Finally, the time has come - fashionistas in 2015 are buying accessories and complementing their grunge looks.

Denim jumpsuit

Every second girl had a denim jumpsuit in the 90s. Today, recognized women of fashion lay out outfits with this element of the wardrobe. What distinguishes the modern version from the "retro" is the length. Cropped jumpsuits with lapels or jumpsuits-shorts are relevant today.

Chunky shoes

In the 21st century, shoes with flat thick soles quickly gained popularity only among fashion bloggers. In life, a rare girl dares to put on "daddy's slippers" - as they are called by the people. Indeed, one must have perfect taste in order to harmoniously complement the image with them. Stylists recommend making a set of feminine items in a minimalist style.


Wardrobe item that not everyone liked. Remember, in the 90s, fashionistas wore turtleneck bodysuits with jeans? Today, tight-fitting clothing made from thin knitwear is regaining popularity. Celebrities are setting the trend by appearing in neatly tucked tops that are actually bodysuits.


Here is another guest from the past. Backpacks complement casual, sport-chic, preppy looks. It is even worn with a business suit! The backpack has gone from a travel outfit to a trendy accessory. Perhaps this is the most triumphant return from the 90s that one could imagine. And it looks like we won't say goodbye to backpacks anytime soon.

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