7 easy steps to a flat stomach

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7 easy steps to a flat stomach
7 easy steps to a flat stomach

Everyone wants to have a beautiful toned tummy, but daily activities are exhausting so much that there is already energy left for the gym. How to tone the abdominal muscles without making any special efforts? We will show you a few steps to a flat stomach

7 simple steps to a flat stomach
7 simple steps to a flat stomach

How to get a flat stomach at home

  1. Laugh heartily. He althy, contagious laughter helps strengthen abdominal muscles, and this is no joke!
  2. Twist the hoop. Remember hula hoops and competitions between girlfriends who didn't drop it on the ground the longest? Hoops were invented just to keep yourself in shape in the abs and waist. During such exercises, not only the smooth muscles of the abdomen are trained, but also the lateral and back muscles. Rotate the hoop every day for 10-15 minutes and after a couple of weeks you will notice the first results. Another exercise for a flat stomach.
  3. Eat sweets before day 12. For a flat stomach, this is the best diet. Coaches and nutritionists agree that if you can’t completely stop eating chocolates and other sweets, do it in the morning. Until the evening you will have time to burn all the calories, and you will be in a good mood from the very morning!
  4. Eat more fresh blueberries as this berry has miraculous fat-burning properties. Products for weight loss.
  5. Replace your chair with a fitball. Sit in front of the TV not in a comfortable chair, but on a sports ball, you will have to maintain balance, which means straining your abdominal muscles.
  6. Drink green tea. It contains the necessary antioxidants involved in the breakdown of fat from the sides, and helps to flatten the stomach quickly enough (of course, in combination with other factors).
  7. Don't let yourself feel hungry. Long breaks between meals lead to overeating due to excessively large portions. If you feel a little hungry and it's still an hour or two before dinner, eat natural yogurt or drink a cup of green tea with a handful of raisins. More he althy snack ideas.

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