How to make high heels more comfortable

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How to make high heels more comfortable
How to make high heels more comfortable

More Marilyn Monroe said that all the women of the world owe a lot to the inventor of high heels, and she was right: heels turn an ordinary gait into a “catwalk”, ordinary legs into a “from the ears” option, an ordinary posture into a royal, average height - to “above average” and the usual self-esteem to “yes, she is the best.”

How to make high heels more comfortable
How to make high heels more comfortable

And they regularly give us pain in the legs, backs, blisters… Favorite hairpins are like an unfaithful but attractive lover: they are too amazing to be sent to the trash; look great "under the arm" (on the legs); sometimes make us feel great - but cause such pain that devalues all their dignity.

Fortunately, we do not suggest that you suddenly fall in love with ballet shoes (which, by the way, also have enough flaws). We offer 14 ways to make stilettos more comfortable.

Wash a colorless deodorant over all surfaces of the shoes that come into contact with the skin. Pay special attention to the straps. This simple measure will reduce friction and greatly reduce the risk of blisters.

When choosing shoes with high heels, give preference to those that have straps and clasps. Thanks to these "seat belts", your heels will fit snugly against the soles of your shoes - and the inconvenience when walking will be reduced.

The soles of high-heeled shoes wear out pretty quickly, because they have a double load. They become uneven and uncomfortable, and feet in worn shoes get tired faster. Monitor the condition of the soles and heels of your favorite "studs" and take them to the shoe repair shop in a timely manner.

Having bought new hairpins, do not be too lazy to stretch them. You can resort to the services of a “best friend” (see above), you can purchase special tools for stretching shoes at home (cream and shoe), you can remember grandmothers or folk “recipes”. For example, in many cases, a bag of water can help out. Half-filled and tightly tied, then put into shoes and sent to the freezer overnight, it will delicately stretch even slightly small shoes (important: this method is not suitable for patent leather or poor quality artificial leather!). Stretched shoes are more pleasant to wear than brand new ones, creaking with new leather or suede at every step, and worn ones are even better. If you have an important event coming up - so important that you won the purchase of new shoes - break them in in advance: put them on for a few minutes at home and take them off as soon as there is discomfort or slight fatigue in the legs.

Go shopping for shoes at the end of the day, even if it was busy and exhausting. It is in the evening that the legs swell slightly, which means that this is the best time to buy any shoes, especially such capricious ones as “stilettos”. If on the evening of the day of purchase the shoes are tight, uncomfortable and even "kill" the foot, then they will treat your feet this way with each subsequent wear - especially in the evenings.

Take your time when trying on stilettos, choose your size carefully. It is important to remember that a) the size ranges of different manufacturers may differ slightly, so do not take the word labels; b) your size can change in any direction over time - and you can hardly guess about it. Make sure your foot in the shoe is a little mobile as the foot will tend to be in the most comfortable position as you walk, so we need to try to give it "room to wiggle".

Change your gait depending on what kind of shoes you are wearing. Exactly! Walking in sneakers and walking in heels are not the same thing. To properly walk in high heels, you need to tighten the muscles of the press and back and slightly lean forward with the body. Take a couple of "master classes" from the models from the catwalks: walking in heels is more like balancing, not race walking. The support should be on the ball of the foot. Having mastered and put into practice the “high” gait, you will feel that the pain in the legs and especially in the heels has decreased.

The models who regularly strut the catwalks in high heels have a secret that we will share with you. If you fasten the third and fourth toes (counting from the big one) with tape or tape, then walking in heels becomes a less painful experience. This is strange, we agree, but there is a reasonable explanation: by connecting the 3rd and 4th toes, we evenly distribute the load on the nerve located between them. Unfortunately, this hack doesn't work if you plan to wear sandals or open-toed shoes.

  1. Hello deodorant!
  2. Fasten your seat belts
  3. Girls' best friends are cobblers
  4. Warming up before the race
  5. Proper shopping - evening shopping
  6. Size matters
  7. Flying gait…
  8. Finger emphasis

More ways to make heels more comfortable

Fewer and fewer shoes are made from genuine leather. And while we agree with manufacturers that leather shoes are more durable, we do not insist that you always choose them. But when buying "studs", pay attention to the sole. It is the leather sole that makes the shoes more flexible, and in the case of high heels - more comfortable.

Trouble! You did buy uncomfortable shoes. What to do? Complete them with silicone insoles or heel pads. They won't get rid of all your high heel problems, but they will reduce heel stress while standing in heels, which is a lot.

Stilettos are chic, but you should sometimes wear wide heels (fortunately, they are now in fashion). You are still on top, but the weight will be distributed more evenly and the pressure on the balls of your feet will decrease. The result - walk longer, your legs will hurt less.

Experts advise letting your feet rest between high heel "takes": the best option is 2 days in heels, 1 day in flats.

Choose the option of high heels according to your own feelings: someone prefers platforms (the foot arches less on them, and discomfort is reduced), someone prefers a rounded toe, someone prefers a pointed toe. Experiment and choose your favorites.

If your feet are prepared to meet high heels, it will be easier for them to "communicate" with them all evening. Warm up your toes, roll your feet on a ping-pong ball or tennis ball, stand on your toes and back on your foot a few times before putting on your favorite stilettos.

  1. Skin and more skin
  2. Upload silicone
  3. Wider is not a step, but a heel
  4. There is a break - there is a heel
  5. Perfect Shapes
  6. Charging for feet

Well, if all else fails, buy transforming shoes: just now you conquered others with your height, grace and high heels, and now you are already in elegant ballet flats. As the saying goes, "shoes turn" and you're comfortable again.

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