Unexpected effects of poor vision

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Unexpected effects of poor vision
Unexpected effects of poor vision

Hardly anyone can doubt that poor eyesight is a very unenviable fate. Myopia (or myopia) has become a real curse of the 20th and 21st centuries, primarily for office workers, because for them the eyes have always been, are and will be the main “working tool”. Much has been said about the causes of poor vision. Let's turn to its consequences, each of which can become a weighty argument in favor of immediate vision correction.

Unexpected Consequences of Poor Vision
Unexpected Consequences of Poor Vision

How bad vision makes life difficult for you?

  1. You get tired faster. During the working day, visually impaired people get tired much more than those with good vision. After all, eye fatigue naturally affects the general condition of the body, including the psychological background. We lean closer to the monitor, and our back has to be in a hunched state. We squint our eyes, and the muscles of the face experience constant tension. And do not forget about headaches, which in such a situation may well become an everyday problem. Moreover, a completely logical consequence of permanent eye discomfort is increased irritability, because the notorious tension of the eyes, back and facial muscles clearly does not add calmness, balance and good mood to a person.
  2. You don't see bus numbers, signs and signs on the streets and in the metro. A person with poor eyesight unwittingly becomes an "outsider" in society to a certain extent. Numbers on buses, trolleybuses and trams, signs and signs on the streets. What people with good eyesight can see from a distance, you can only read if you come close to the sign.
  3. You find it difficult to read books and magazines, you do not see the menu in a restaurant. Fonts in books, magazines and newspapers, as well as in computer programs and on Internet sites - all this "default" is designed for he althy, keen eyes. As for computers and mobile devices, you can still change the settings for yourself, but no one will definitely redo the numbers and signs because many people see badly. In order for the image to be as clear as possible, vision must be corrected by 100%. Only then do we see the world around us as people with he althy eyes see it.
  4. You get wrinkles faster. The habit of squinting to see something has at least two unpleasant aspects. Let's start with the fact that this, in principle, does not decorate a person. It is quite obvious that an open, clear look is much more attractive than a half-sighted squint. But this, alas, is not the biggest problem. Much worse, the habit of squinting your eyes is likely to cause early expression lines around the eyes.

Reassuring conclusion

Recently, through the efforts of fashion designers, glasses have turned from a vision correction tool into an elegant accessory, and contact lenses have reached such a high degree of comfort that they have undoubtedly become the most modern and optimal way to correct vision.

At the same time, contact lenses can be used both as a complete alternative to glasses, and as a partial alternative, alternating between wearing lenses and glasses. In any case, the latest manufacturing techniques have made contact lens wear he althy, comfortable for the eyes and easy to use. In addition, now contact lenses are able to provide one hundred percent vision correction even for people with astigmatism.

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