"Holiday for pregnant women" from the TV channel "Domashniy"

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"Holiday for pregnant women" from the TV channel "Domashniy"
"Holiday for pregnant women" from the TV channel "Domashniy"

TV channel "Home" invites everyone to the holiday. The program includes workshops for women and entertainment for the whole family.

"Holiday for pregnant women" from the TV channel "Domashny"

In honor of the launch of the new reality show Pregnant, Domashny has prepared a big party. Guests of the "Holiday for pregnant women" are waiting for classes for pregnant women, lectures on preparation for childbirth, master class about sports during pregnancy and more!

What to wear, eat and how to keep fit? Can pregnant women dye their hair, fly a plane and take a bath? Is it possible to determine the sex of the unborn child by the shape of the abdomen? At the festival, experts will dispel all the myths about the "interesting position".

During the breaks between lectures, expectant mothers will be able to warm up during special gymnastics and decorate their tummies or T-shirts according to their own design. The photographers who will be waiting for them in the stylized zone of the Domashny TV channel will help the guests to keep in their memory the pleasant impressions of the holiday.

Entrance to the holiday is free.

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