BonAqua: drinking water is a he althy habit

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BonAqua: drinking water is a he althy habit
BonAqua: drinking water is a he althy habit

BonAqua, Russia's leading bottled water brand, claims that drinking water is a natural and he althy habit that will keep you alert and feeling good. In the summer, the task of preserving and replenishing the vitality of the body is especially acute for residents of large cities.

BonAqua: drinking water is a he althy habit!

Crystal clear BonAqua water will help you feel full of energy today and tomorrow. It contains mineral elements necessary for the body every day (magnesium and calcium), and is recommended for daily consumption by the population for drinking purposes and cooking. A.N. Sysin" of the Ministry of He alth of Russia.

Water is a necessary component of all chemical processes occurring in the human body. Water is the basis of the body's transport system, which provides the supply of organs and tissues with nutrients and oxygen, as well as the removal of harmful substances from the body. Evaporating from the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, water plays a direct role in the thermoregulation of the body.

As you know, in the body of an adult weighing 65 kg, the volume of water is about 40 liters - it is both inside the cells and in the composition of extracellular fluids. Under normal conditions (lack of heavy physical exertion, exposure to high temperatures), the need for an adult in water can be calculated using the formula 40 ml per kilogram of body weight per day - while the rate of water consumption increases depending on the degree of load on the body.

Active outdoor sports, recreation with family and friends, work - all this requires a person to constantly maintain water balance. But to quench your thirst, it is important not only the absolute amount of water and its quality, but also its taste characteristics. The balanced and mild taste of BonAqua water makes the habit of drinking not only he althy, but also enjoyable.

Today, BonAqua water is chosen by active people who care about their he alth and the he alth of their loved ones. Maria Kiseleva, Honored Master of Sports, three-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming, multiple champion of Russia and Europe, prefers BonAqua water to maintain vitality and teaches her children to drink water correctly: “Every day I try to drink at least two liters of water. Today in Russia the culture of water consumption is poorly developed, and it seems to me very important to convey to the widest possible range of people the fact that it is water that allows us to stay in good shape every day. I am an athlete, and I can say with confidence that water consumption is the basis of a successful workout and the key to a successful performance. Fortunately, the time of bad habits is passing, and the time of good ones is coming. Drinking water is a he althy habit, and I see it as my job to introduce it to others and instill it in my children.”

In the summer of 2015, BonAqua launches the “We Drink Water” program in Russia, designed to draw the attention of the widest possible range of people to the issues of proper and regular water consumption. As part of the program, cooperation with leading masters of yoga and dance has been established, a series of outdoor workshops and various events are planned to prove that water is the basis of well-being, beauty and longevity.

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