Putting order in the cosmetic bag

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Putting order in the cosmetic bag
Putting order in the cosmetic bag

Have you ever thought about the last time you cleaned cosmetic accessories: brushes, sponges, applicators? They need the most careful care, as the amount of bacteria that accumulate in them can cause real damage to the skin.

Tidying up your makeup bag
Tidying up your makeup bag
  1. The most vulnerable to the penetration of harmful microorganisms and the accumulation of dead skin cells in your cosmetic bag are brushes. Their bristles are the most comfortable place for bacteria to travel from your face to your brush to your powder box and back every day. Wash with antibacterial soap and dry your brushes once every two weeks to keep sebum, microorganisms and skin particles from comfortably settling in your makeup bag.
  2. Washed brushes dry on a towel, because, being wet in an upright position, they lose a large number of bristles. Makeup brushes: a complete guide to choosing and caring.
  3. The sponges you use to apply foundation can be washed, but it's best to change every few days. A large number of bacteria can live inside, which feel great and are not going to move anywhere, except perhaps on your face. When applying a new layer of foundation with an old sponge, you run the risk of introducing an "infection" under the skin if it has inflammation and damage.
  4. Go through your makeup bag, there is probably a lip gloss or shadow that you haven’t used for a long time, but keep it, because it’s a pity to throw it away. Check the expiration date, if it has not yet expired, give this beauty product to a friend.
  5. Keep your hair comb clean. A large amount of hair, secretions from the sebaceous glands of the head, and skin particles accumulate on its teeth, which must be periodically removed. Using, for example, an old toothbrush and shampoo, clean the plaque from each tooth - using a comb will be much more pleasant!
  6. Be careful with the mascara wand. A large number of lumps of mascara and fallen cilia settle on her villi, so dip the brush into alcohol once every couple of weeks, and then rinse with warm water.
  7. Check the expiration dates of all products in your cosmetic bag from time to time. Ink in the open form is stored for 3-4 months, foundation up to 1 year, loose cosmetics - up to 1.5 - 2 years, lipstick - a maximum of 2 years.
  8. Keep your makeup bag clean. Give her a bath day - thoroughly wash inside and out, wait until she is completely dry. Some makeup bags are machine washable - just turn them inside out and tuck them in the mesh to keep your clothes in a gentle wash so they don't lose their shape.

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