Anastasia Volochkova: the pros and cons of star style

Anastasia Volochkova: the pros and cons of star style
Anastasia Volochkova: the pros and cons of star style

Anastasia Volochkova is a famous ballerina, singer, scandalous person, owner of an army of fans and critics. Volochkova is regularly included in the ratings of the most tastelessly dressed Russian stars. But there are positive aspects to her style of dressing. After all, who, if not the star of Russian ballet, should have a developed sense of beauty? Today we will analyze the style of Anastasia Volochkova, highlight its main pros and cons.

Anastasia Volochkova: the pros and cons of star style

Dignity of Anastasia Volochkova's style

Long dresses


The hairstyle of Anastasia Volochkova is an integral part of her image and constantly reminds of her ballet career. In everyday life, she simply combs her hair back or separates it into a side parting, and then collects it in a low bun or ponytail. For performances, Anastasia makes more intricate, but certainly smooth hairstyles. Such restraint allows Anastasia to experiment more with outfits.

Vertical cutout

Anastasia has an inverted triangle body type: she has broad shoulders and narrow hips. In order to make the silhouette more harmonious, it should pay special attention to the shape of the neckline. The vertical neckline, which she often opts for, "stretches" the upper body, emphasizes the chest and makes the shoulders visually narrower.

Flaws of Anastasia Volochkova's style

Combination of mini length, heels and neckline

Anastasia loves to emphasize long legs with the shortest dresses and skirts. At the same time, she does not refuse a neckline and shoes on a high platform. Although at the age of 39 Volochkova has a good figure, you should not wear the “weapon stock of a hunter” in one set. Of course, an enviable bride wants to show all her virtues, but the degree of frankness of outfits should be dosed.

Boat neckline and horizontal lines

As we mentioned above, Anastasia has rather broad shoulders, which should be compensated by vertical lines. But the star does not always take this into account and often misses the outfit, putting on a jacket with a boat neckline or horizontal lines in the chest area. This makes the shoulder girdle even wider and upsets the balance of proportions.

Animal prints

Anastasia Volochkova prefers things with predatory prints. In her closet, each creature has a pair: leopards, tigers, snakes are located on long and short dresses, T-shirts and tunics. Sometimes they are combined with floral patterns, and sometimes with a scattering of rhinestones. This love of glamor played a trick on the ballerina and more than once led to the ratings of the most tastelessly dressed celebrities. Of course, animal prints are all the rage, but wear them very carefully, opting for neutral colors and discreet cuts with minimal trim.

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