10 tutorials for women, or How to reveal your talents

10 tutorials for women, or How to reveal your talents
10 tutorials for women, or How to reveal your talents

Often we can't take the time to finally do what we've been dreaming about for a long time. With up-to-date self-study books at hand, which can be read for 30 minutes a day, you will open up many opportunities for yourself. LitRes online store experts have selected ten books that will help you unlock your potential and make life more interesting.

10 tutorials for women, or How to reveal your talents
10 tutorials for women, or How to reveal your talents


Forks vs. Knives by D. Sharuf

The presented book will be a real find for those who treat their diet as a way to improve the condition of the body. It contains more than 300 plant-based recipes for balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. The book gained self-instruction status due to its practical advice on proper nutrition, the choice of ingredients and their processing options, and each culinary instruction includes recommendations for improving the original dish.

“Pie science for beginners. 60 recipes”, I. Chadeeva

The ability to bake pies is the cherished goal of any housewife and a skill that can be honed all your life. Irina Chadeeva, a recognized pie expert and famous blogger, is ready to share the secrets of making perfect pastries. She breaks down each recipe into simple components that anyone, even a novice hostess, can easily handle. This book will not only help you prepare the most delicious pastries, but also teach you how to combine products, creating new combinations on your own.


“Batik for beginners. Workshops on hand-painted silk”, E. Ioltukhovskaya

Batik is an art known since ancient times. Having learned how to create incredible things (panels, airy stoles, decorative pillowcases and much more), getting acquainted with the psychological features of the process and learning how to choose your individual style, you will never be able to part with batik. This is not only an interesting leisure option, but also a great way to brighten up your outfits or add zest to the interior.

"Beaded flowers. Seasons. Spring”, T. Kossova

"Beaded Flowers" is a unique project by Tatyana Kossova, which consists of a "Training Course", which tells about the basics of technology, and a cycle of "Seasons", which includes four parts. The unique compositions of spring bouquets collected under the cover will help you to collect your own amazing flower collection. For most models, there are detailed instructions that illustrate each stage, which greatly facilitates the work.


"Illustrated step-by-step tutorial for playing the piano", D. Tishchenko

Anyone can learn to play the piano - this is the message Daria Tishchenko brings to everyone who does not know how to master the piano. Impressing relatives and friends with your talent is not at all difficult: the main thing is to constantly practice and believe in yourself. Having learned the octave of seven notes and having tried their combinations in chords, you can safely move on to practice and short pieces. To make each lesson easier and more understandable, the author suggests using visual illustrations instead of boring sheet music.

The Artist's Way by J. Cameron

This book, written over 20 years ago, has influenced an entire generation. Under the strict guidance of the author-mentor, the reader opens his soul, learns to listen to his heart and find ideas for future paintings in it - as hundreds of thousands of people around the world have done. A 12-week course will help you develop your abilities and realize your creativity, and the desire to create comes from within, overshadowing all fears and insecurities.

Foreign languages

“French from scratch. Intensive Simplified Course, V. Kileeva

Victoria Kileyeva is an experienced French teacher who understands all the intricacies of the language and grammar rules. At the end of 17 lessons lasting 1.5-2 hours, you will be able to communicate well in the language of Victor Hugo and Jean Reno. The most important thing is that the author knows how and loves to share her knowledge, and her course is so rich that even if you have a trip to France in the near future, he will help you cope with difficulties.

"5 steps to fluent English", N. Chernikhovskaya

This tutorial is designed for intermediate level holders, it helps to expand their conversational stock with aphorisms, phrasal and polysemantic verbs, slang expressions often used in literature. Learning on ready-made templates that are used by native speakers themselves, with a lot of dialogues and audio materials, will allow you to improve your speech in the shortest possible time, filling it with simple and understandable expressions.

For life

"Little secrets of a large wardrobe", I. Trubetskova and N. Naydenskaya

If you have a problem: "there is nothing to wear, and the closet is too small", then this book is a must-have for you. She will teach you all the basics of making a basic wardrobe, give recommendations on choosing an outfit for different situations, and also reveal the intricacies of choosing clothes depending on the season. By learning how to combine fabrics, combine textures and patterns, you will look fashionable and stylish in any circumstances.

"The most complete brain training book ever! New trainings for the mind”, A. Mighty

The author of this book gained popularity by adapting the methods of Kelle and Schulte, creating programs for brain development based on them. The simulator book contains tasks developed by Andrey Moguchiy, the solution of which can quickly and effectively increase the reader's abilities. For 10-15 minutes of regular tasks, you increase the speed of thinking, develop concentration and memory, and new facets of your subconscious mind will help you find peace of mind and physical he alth.

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