5 Signs You're Close

5 Signs You're Close
5 Signs You're Close

Relationships are not only sex, but much more intimate, close and romantic things.

5 Signs That You're Close
5 Signs That You're Close

You admire your partner and tell him about it

Don't miss the chance to tell your loved one how handsome, kind and how much you appreciate them.

When a person knows that you care not only for his appearance and beautiful manifestations of feelings, but also care, affection and tenderness, this will allow him not to worry that one day the relationship will fail. Words full of sincere admiration are one of the most intimate and important things in love.

You take care of each other when you are sick

Few people want their loved one to run away at the first sign of illness. “You sit at home, sleep, and I’ll go, take a walk with my friends, you’re not dying, are you?” --- such a phrase will not add he alth. Therefore, adherence to the principle “To be together in he alth and in illness” is a sign of a conscious decision to be together always. Supporting a partner and taking care of him even during a cold is a manifestation of love. When physical he alth deteriorates, each of us is vulnerable, and at this moment it is very important to know that there is someone nearby who will not leave.

You look into each other's eyes

When people look at each other for a long time without a drop of embarrassment, while there is love and warmth in their eyes, this can only mean one thing - they love each other and completely trust. After all, liars always lower their eyes and avoid eye contact.

You are making contact with your lover's family

Being in a relationship with a man or a woman is not at all the same as taking into account all the relatives of your loved one. A person shows his qualities and character, first of all, in the family. The way a man treats his parents, brothers and sisters, speaks of what kind of father and husband he will be. And at the family table you can learn a lot of new and important information about your partner.

You don't try to fill the silence with empty talk

Really intimate relationships are when there is no need to start talking about the weather and TV shows when the moment of silence drags on. If you are comfortable together just being silent, allowing each other to think about their own things, then everything will be fine.

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