Did not die on the same day: star couples who broke up after a long life together

Did not die on the same day: star couples who broke up after a long life together
Did not die on the same day: star couples who broke up after a long life together

No one is surprised by the star divorce that happened after six months or even two months after the marriage, because creative people are so fickle! When seemingly strong couples who have been married for ten or even fifteen years break up, this breaks the hearts of fans who hoped that their idols would live together until the last days. Let's mourn together, remembering the stellar divorces that ended a long and relatively happy family life.

They didn’t die on the same day: star couples who broke up after a long life together
They didn’t die on the same day: star couples who broke up after a long life together

Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder

Marriage: 2002-2015, three children / Photo: Getty Images Julia destroyed the previous marriage of her future husband, by the time they met on the set of the movie The Mexican, Moder had been married for four years. Roberts got her way by hook or by crook and even offered Moder's ex-wife money for agreeing to a divorce. Despite the fact that the groom's relatives hated Roberts, Moder married her and turned the windy lady into a caring mother of the family. 13 years of marriage came to an end in 2015 when Julia's mother died. She even turned to a family psychologist, but failed to save the relationship.


Marriage: 1986-2011, four children / Photo: Getty Images The couple lived together for 25 years, celebrated a silver wedding and divorced. It turned out that while Maria was giving birth and raising their four children - Katherine, Christina, Patrick and Christopher, Arnold was cheating on her with a maid behind her back. And even took root in a secret marriage of an illegitimate son. After many years, the actor officially confessed to cheating, followed by a divorce.


Marriage: 1987-2000, three children / Photo: Getty Images Married in 1997, Demi and Bruce raised three daughters: Rumer (born 1988), Scout La Rue (1991) and Talulu Belle (1994). The end of the marriage brought the millennium, "hard nut" Willis could not prevent the death of the relationship. Fans could not believe it and hoped that their favorites would get back together, but Demi put an end to all hopes by marrying a young Ashton Kutcher five years after the divorce.


Marriage: 1997-2011, two children / Photo: Getty Images Duchovny and Leoni got married quickly, just two months after they met. Two years later, daughter Madeleine was born, in 2002 the heir Kid Miller was born. Five years later, Leonie left the family, explaining that her husband's hypersexuality interfered with her. Duchovny had to go through rehabilitation for his wife, and in 2009 the family was reunited. The renewed relationship lasted for two years, in 2011 they finally parted for good. All that remains is the children and tattoos on the ring fingers in honor of the decade of marriage.


Marriage: 1980-2009, seven children / Photo: Getty Images Mel Gibson and Robin Moore have long been role models. They got married in 1980 and had seven children - Hannah, twins Edward and Christian, Willie, Louis, Milo and Tommy. Nine years later, after the birth of his youngest son, Gibson unexpectedly left the family, declaring a connection with the little-known Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. A caring father and a good husband turned into a traitor, a brawler and a deceiver who raises his hand against a woman. The new life pretty patted the actor's wallet. The ex-wife got half of his fortune, which in 2006 was estimated at $ 850 million. The maintenance of Lucia, daughter from Oksana Grigorieva, costs Gibson 20 thousand dollars a month.


Marriage: 1991-2007, five children / Photo: Getty Images Irina married Abramovich when he was just starting his business. The wedding was played in 1991, all the turbulent years of perestroika, the couple stayed together and raised five children, three daughters and two sons, the last of whom was born four years before the divorce. But, as they say, “the devil in the ribs” and Abramovich, behind his wife’s back, started an affair with the 24-year-old heiress of a decent fortune, Dasha Zhukova. She gave birth to a businessman, a boy, Aaron, and a daughter, Leah. Abandoned wife received £6 billion in compensation.


Marriage: 1998-2012, two children / Photo: Getty Images Vanessa managed to become Depp's only love for many years and give birth to his son and daughter. He fell in love with her back after seeing her in a restaurant in 1998. Although the couple was not officially married, the relationship of the actors was such that no one could have imagined that this family would one day cease to exist. Until in 2012, Depp had an office romance with his partner in the film "The Rum Diary" Amber Heard, whom Depp nevertheless officially married in February 2015.


Marriage: 1996-2013, one child / Photo: Getty Images Before meeting TV presenter Dina Ruiz, Eastwood was married only once - to model Maggie Johnson. In a long 31-year marriage to Johnson, he had a son, Kyle, and a daughter, Alison. In total, the actor had six children. Dina and Eastwood had a daughter, Morgan, who became Clint's seventh child. In 2012, Dina began to experience severe depression, which was provoked by her husband's cold attitude. The quarrels that began provoked a divorce. On August 29, 2013, 83-year-old Clint Eastwood and 48-year-old Dina Ruiz announced their breakup.


The 13-year marriage of former No Doubt soloist Gwen Stefani and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale has been shattered by… the husband's homosexual past. Neither good relations nor three children helped. Rossdale's former lover, travesty singer Peter Robinson, assures that his wife would like to see another person in Gavin and does not accept him for who he is. The divorce did not turn out to be quiet - a week after the announcement of the breakup, Rossdale said that he intended to sue half of the property from the singer.


The fans were sure that the union of Banderas and Griffith was the strongest and most indestructible. For 18 years of marriage, Antonio supported his wife during her struggle with drug and alcohol addictions, raised her daughter Stella with her and was never seen cheating. But in 2014, Melanie Griffith, 56, and Antonio Banderas, 53, filed for divorce over "irreconcilable differences." Gossips say that the reason for the breakup was Melanie's destructive jealousy. But the former spouses remained on friendly terms and spend their free time with their adult daughter.


Marriage: 2000-2015, no children / Photo: Getty Images In 2000, Sergei Bezrukov married Irina, having beaten her off from actor Igor Livanov. In all interviews, Sergei admired his wife, stating that only Irina saw him as a person, not an actor. But in the spring of 2015, it suddenly became known that 41-year-old Bezrukov left the family for director Anna Mathison. Officially, the Bezrukovs did not announce a divorce, but the journalists found out that they had not lived together for a long time.


Gwyneth P altrow & CHRIS MARTIN

/ Photo: Getty Images The family of Gwyneth and Chris broke up this year after 11 years of marriage. “With a heart full of sadness, we announce that we have decided to part ways. For almost a year we tried to fix everything, were together and apart, thinking about what could happen between us next. But we came to the decision that we will break up, although we love each other very much,”the actress wrote on her website Goop. Relations between the former spouses remained really warm - the day before the announcement of the divorce, the spouses and their children flew away to rest in the Bahamas. Gwyneth even met her ex-husband's new girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lawrence.


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