Tasha Strict: “Dress for yourself, not for others!”

Tasha Strict: “Dress for yourself, not for others!”
Tasha Strict: “Dress for yourself, not for others!”

Tasha Strict, host of the "Take it off immediately" project on STS, in an interview for goodhouse.ru revealed several fashion secrets and shared practical tips that will be useful to every woman.

Tasha Strict: “Dress for yourself, not for others!”
Tasha Strict: “Dress for yourself, not for others!”

HOME HEART: Tasha, tell me what things every woman should definitely have in her wardrobe - the so-called "basic wardrobe". Or is it all individual?

TASHA STRICT: Of course, individually. Very often you can hear about the "basic wardrobe", but every woman has her own. Someone needs a classic suit, but someone does not. Someone will definitely wear a white shirt, while the other woman simply has nowhere to wear it. First of all, you should look at the lifestyle and occupations: office work, housewife, free artist, and so on. And only depending on this to form your basic wardrobe.

BEFORE: Often we women feel sorry to give up something we once loved. How to learn to free up space in the wardrobe?

TS: Resolutely open the closet, resolutely take the unnecessary thing and resolutely throw it in the trash can. There is no other way.

TO: How to buy clothes correctly? Should I immediately pick up a full set of clothes?

TS: Definitely worth it, nothing else! Because when buying cute trousers or a perfectly fitting skirt, you need to immediately understand what kind of top you will wear with them. If you do not immediately assemble the set, then these very trousers or a skirt can then hang in your closet for years. You need to think in sets, and if you really like a thing, but there is nothing to combine it with, it is better to immediately refuse to buy.

BEFORE: Watching the participants of the STS project “Take it off immediately”, what are the main mistakes you noticed?

TS: The first mistake is cluttering up the wardrobe. Our women are very fond of storing clothes that do not fit in the closet. Or one that has long been small for them, in the hope that in the future they will again lose weight by 2-3 sizes. Or the one that is great for them: for example, many girls leave clothes from the time of pregnancy, thinking “what if I need it again.” The second problem, as mentioned above, is buying things without a kit. There is no such thing as “just good trousers”, there are trousers that can take their rightful place in your wardrobe and go with other things, but there is everything else! The third is the love of sales. Our girls can afford absolutely crazy purchases, justifying themselves only by the fact that it is cheap. In most cases, cheap items that seemed extremely necessary in the store fall to the bottom of the wardrobe and remain there for many, many years. And another common mistake is the desire to buy yourself “clothes like a girlfriend”. Here you really like how your friend Masha looks in a dress. You immediately buy a similar one, and then wonder why it looks completely different, forgetting that Masha has a different figure, height, hair color and even temperament.

BEFORE: What do you think women over 35-45 should not wear? Or is age not a criterion when choosing an outfit?

TS: Of course, there is such a criterion, although recently the concept of "35-45 years" is not at all what it was a couple of decades ago. Then it was a “venerable age”, and today at 35-45 women can look so chic that they often hear the address “girl” addressed to them. However, at any age, do not go to extremes. For example, you should not wear things that are deliberately young (do not confuse with clothes that make you younger - on the contrary, it is very good). You need to understand that the time of some things is irrevocably gone and may no longer correspond to either your age or status. The anime-style pleated miniskirt had a great time and a great age, but at 40, it will look ridiculous and ridiculous on you. Again, this does not mean that you can not dress to look younger, the main thing is not to overdo it.

BEFORE: What colors and wardrobe items will be in fashion this fall?

TS: Surprisingly, the color scheme this fall and winter will not be dark or saturated. The coming season will be pastel shades: pale blue, pink, blue, beige, cream colors will be very relevant. This does not mean that black or other active tones will go out of fashion, but shades that usually appear in spring or summer will prevail this season. As for clothing trends, denim continues to conquer the world. Denim pants, skirts, dresses, overalls and even coats are at the height of fashion. Hippie style and 70s fashion, high-waisted trousers and bell-bottoms are in trend. Speaking of warm clothes, it is worth mentioning fur stoles and removable fur collars that can be worn over coats, as well as over-sized voluminous outerwear.

BEFORE: Tasha, do you think you should dress for yourself or for others?

TS: Definitely for myself. Your attitude towards yourself will always shape how you are perceived by the people around you. And if they see that you value and love yourself, know how to emphasize your pluses and hide your minuses, they will always treat you with more respect.

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