Seven Italian style secrets

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Seven Italian style secrets
Seven Italian style secrets

Milan Fashion Week is not in vain considered the second most important after Paris - Italian clothing style is recognizable as much as French.

Seven secrets of Italian style
Seven secrets of Italian style

If you are inspired by the fashion achievements of Monica Bellucci, Asia Argento, Sophia Loren, then look for the seven main secrets of Italian style!

Italian style for women

Simple silhouettes

Intricate cut, deliberate asymmetry, experiments with the form a la Yohji Yamamoto - all this is not about Italians. They prefer classic, time-tested silhouettes: sheath dresses, new look and robe coats, in their opinion, adorn a woman much more than a fantasy-architectural cut.

In search of the best

Italians don't like fast fashion culture - they won't miss the first dress they find in the nearest shopping center and run to the checkout. Many Italian fashionistas even have trusted dressmakers who are always ready to customize a purchase or even sew That Same Dress.

Earth colors

No acid rave shades - in Italy they love the "earth" range. This is justified not only by love for naturalness, but also by the bright appearance of Italians, which is ideally emphasized by natural colors.

Expensive shoes and bags

Italian grandmothers teach their granddaughters from childhood that you should not save on shoes and bags. Shoes must necessarily combine beauty, quality and convenience (in Italy, handmade shoes are still more popular than ready-made pairs). In addition to the above requirements, there is one more thing for bags - clear, strict forms and no "duffel bags".


Gold accent

No silver - Italian fashionistas love gold! They give preference to self-sufficient and noticeable jewelry, which they wear not only with evening and cocktail dresses, but also as an accent with a completely everyday set - a simple white T-shirt, leather jackets and jeans. This Italian style women!

Love for accessories

Minimalism is not about Italian beauties. They don't limit themselves to accessories. Of course, few people dare to look like Anna Dello Russo, but adding several different accents to the image at once is a common thing for Italians.

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