10 Expert-Tested Beauty Hacks

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10 Expert-Tested Beauty Hacks
10 Expert-Tested Beauty Hacks

We do not like to save on ourselves, but it is important for us to always be in great shape, spending a minimum of time and money. We have collected 10 of the most popular beauty hacks on the Internet and decided to check how safe and effective they are.

10 beauty hacks tested by experts
10 beauty hacks tested by experts

Specialists in the Beauty and He alth category of the YouDo.com online service helped us with this and commented on the results.


With one clear nail polish and many shades of eyeshadow in your makeup bag, you can create any color finish in a minute. All you have to do is mix the base of the nail polish with the eyeshadows in a separate container.

Beauty expert

“In theory, everything sounds pretty simple, but in practice there are a number of nuances: the shadows should be crumbly (they won’t work in palettes), very fine grinding (usually only professional brands and luxury/premium lines make these), and in addition, it is quite difficult to stir the mixture evenly and quickly. It is better to resort to this method of fixing a manicure only in the most emergency cases: in the air, the varnish begins to thicken and harden quickly, so it becomes difficult to apply it.”


If your favorite mascara has begun to dry out, and you can’t buy a new one yet, dip the closed tube into hot water and leave for 5 minutes.

Beauty expert

“This method is only suitable for mascara, which includes paraffin. If it is not included in the composition, add 2-3 drops of moisturizing eye drops (for example, Vizin) to the tube and shake. Never dilute the mascara with water: it will create a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms, which can provoke an allergic reaction.”


It's easy to save your favorite shadows or compact powder if they break! Collect pieces of eyeshadow or powder on paper, crush them into powder and put them back into the palette. Add 2-3 drops of alcohol, cover with cling film and press down with any press that matches the shape of your palette. You can use it again after an hour!

Beauty expert

"This method of resuscitation of dry cosmetic products has been tested by many professional makeup artists, feel free to use it if necessary!"


Dropped your lip liner and the lead has been crumbling ever since? The problem is easily solved: put the pencil in the freezer for a couple of hours, and it will become plastic again.

Beauty expert

“If the lead of a cosmetic pencil has started to crumble, the problem is most likely not in previous falls, but in the fact that the product is coming to an end. For the plasticity of the stylus, the oils that make up the composition, which eventually disappear, are responsible. The freezer will not be the solution in this case.”


If you urgently need to refresh your styling, but there is no time to wash your hair and dry shampoo at hand, your favorite perfume will come to the rescue. Spray it with a hairbrush and go through the roots. This little trick will allow you to forget about water procedures for 3-4 hours.

Beauty expert

“This is an effective, but rather traumatic hair hack. Any perfume contains alcohol, which dries the hair. In addition, it will take a lot to achieve the desired effect of a perfumed product, which will not only negatively affect the he alth of the hair, but will also inevitably give you a too strong plume. A much more humane way is to use cosmetic powder. It is enough to apply it to the hair roots with a comb, leave for a few minutes and comb out. However, it is better not to abuse this method either - with frequent use, the powder can clog the pores of the scalp.”


Chamomile will help get rid of redness on the skin after shaving. Pre-brew strong chamomile tea and freeze the infusion in ice cube trays. If necessary, one camomile ice cube will be enough to get rid of irritation.

Beauty expert

“The soothing properties of chamomile were known to our grandmothers. However, like any herbal remedy, chamomile infusion will not be able to give an instant effect, but will only slightly soothe irritated skin.”


To make the face more expressive without resorting to contouring, a new beauty trend that is now popular in the West, strobing, will help. Just apply some creamy highlighter (or lip gloss) to the high points of your face (upper cheekbones, chin, center of forehead, lip line, back of nose) and voila! You look fresh and rested.

Beauty expert

“Strobing is now gaining the same massive popularity in the West as cream face contouring with the Kardashian sisters once did. We are just beginning to learn about strobing and are still used mainly in a professional environment. This is a very simple and convenient way to “refresh” your face: you don’t need to waste time on competent shading of different shades of tonal products, which clog pores very much, which is especially critical in summer. Strobing is good for clean skin, if there are local imperfections, do not forget to cover them with a corrector, and circles under the eyes with a reflective concealer. A champagne-colored highlighter without large sequins will help you look fresh and as natural as possible. I would not recommend lip gloss as a highlighter for everyday wear - it is suitable for going to the podium, but it will not last all day.”


Do you want your favorite fragrance to stay with you all day long? Put some regular Vaseline on your wrists before putting on your favorite perfume.

Beauty expert

"I tried it, it really works! Vaseline softens the skin and opens the pores a little, allowing the fragrance to "absorb" better. I no longer carry perfume bottles with me to renew my scent throughout the day.”


If you are a fan of neat hairstyles, and when you try to make a smooth ponytail, some hairs are still knocked out, an old toothbrush and hairspray will help you. Apply a little varnish to the brush and smooth unruly hairs. Depending on the durability of the varnish, the effect will last from 2 to 8 hours.

Beauty expert

“In their professional practice, stylists, of course, use special combs. And for the home, indeed, you can get by with a toothbrush: the effect is exactly the same, and the savings are obvious!”


Your nails have grown quite strong, but the trip to the salon is scheduled only in a few days? Varnish with large sequins will help to visually hide this problem. Apply it from the base to the tip of the nail for a trendy ombre effect. This will help you look like you just stepped out of the master.

Beauty expert

“I myself regularly use this method, since work does not always allow me to get to the salon on time. The more glitter at the base and less at the tips of the nails, the more spectacular this manicure looks.”

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