Bouquet for a gift to school on the first of September

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Bouquet for a gift to school on the first of September
Bouquet for a gift to school on the first of September

Very soon September 1 - Knowledge Day! On this important holiday, you want to please your beloved teacher with an original gift, and you can’t do without flowers on this day. We invite you to make a themed festive flower arrangement in bright autumn colors.

Unusual bouquet for September 1 do it yourself

To create a composition we need:

  • Plastic planter;
  • Colored pencils (we took wax, but you can use any);
  • Glue gun;
  • Secateurs, scissors;
  • Skewers;
  • Mica - transparent film;
  • Themed accessories;
  • Floral oasis;
  • Flowers: alstroemeria (yellow), spray roses, orange chrysanthemums, daisies, rose hips and viburnum, pistachio and currant leaves.

Let's get to work

  • Attach the colored pencils one after the other to the pots with hot glue.
  • Place a transparent film in the planter and insert an oasis. The oasis needs to be pre-soaked - just fill the container with water and put the oasis on the surface, it will absorb the liquid by itself.
  • The cache-pot is ready, now let's do the flower decoration. For our composition, we chose bright autumn colors - yellow, red and orange. Insert flowers not at a right angle, and start with large buds. Alstroemeria first.
  • Chrysanthemum santini and daisies.

    • In addition to flowers, we also inserted viburnum berries and rose hips into the composition. And the space between the flowers was decorated with greenery - pistachio and currant leaves..
    • The finishing touch is decor. The composition can be decorated with decorative fruits and leaves. And thematic accessories - letters - we attached to the skewers with glue.

    Charming September composition is ready!

    Thank you for the master class

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