How to store children's crafts so that they do not clutter up the apartment: 9 life hacks

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How to store children's crafts so that they do not clutter up the apartment: 9 life hacks
How to store children's crafts so that they do not clutter up the apartment: 9 life hacks

Where to store and how to use the most touching and dearest results of children's creativity so that they do not take over the whole apartment? A few working ideas - in our article.

9 ways to store children's crafts
9 ways to store children's crafts

Hang up

Set up an exhibition space in the room. When new drawings appear, remove the old ones. Stretch an iron string and hang your work on clothespins, or screw on a cork board.


Fold old drawings and crafts into an album or portfolio folio. Choose 2-3 best works together and frame them as art. Your little one will be very proud.


Everything that you like and cherish as a memory (the first collage, a funny drawing), collect in a folder and sign the year. If many works are repeated, keep only the most successful ones.


Some creations can be given to grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends or babysitter. Believe me, they will be very pleased to receive such a gift.

Let it disappear

By throwing away and sorting children's work together, you teach your child that there are things that are important to keep, and there are those that need to be let go.

Hang up

beautiful work is better where you gather with the whole family:

  1. You can use a decorative wall board with a set of magnets.
  2. Insert drawings into textile frames for the nursery without glass and sharp edges.
  3. Make a frame with clothespins for drawings, postcards and herbariums.
  4. Create a collage of drawings by taking a photo or printing them out.
  5. It is convenient to hang large pictures on hangers for skirts and trousers.


the most valuable and expensive can be not only on the mezzanine:

  1. Let the kid choose the best pictures for the photo album.
  2. In a glass box, figurines made of plasticine or clay will not get dusty for a long time.
  3. Spacious basket will decorate any nursery.
  4. Sew a felt house bag for stylish and caring craft storage.
  5. Cardboard box can be used as a stool or table.

Create a collection

not so difficult even in the smallest apartment:

  1. You can put and hang small items in the panel with windows.
  2. The 19 cm deep shelf provides space for a complete display.
  3. A miniature bookcase fits on a desk.
  4. Glass cloche will protect even the most fragile crafts.
  5. On a large tray, the exposure can be changed at least every day.


children's drawings can be used in decor and home decoration:

  1. Order a keychain based on a child's drawing and get a unique gift.
  2. Cut out gift tags from children's drawings or hang them on the handle of a suitcase.
  3. Children's masterpiece can be transferred to the fabric and sew a pillowcase.
  4. You can sew a toy according to the sketch of the baby yourself or to order.
  5. A simple office tray can be beautifully decorated with a bright pattern on the bottom.

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