10 signs you're low on iron

10 signs you're low on iron
10 signs you're low on iron

Everyone knows how important it is to maintain a normal level of hemoglobin (a sufficient amount of iron in the body is needed). After all, it is iron in our body that is responsible for delivering oxygen to all organs and removing carbon dioxide from there. But how to understand if your hemoglobin is normal if you can’t get to the doctor? Here are 10 signs of iron deficiency to watch out for.

10 signs you're low on iron

Signs of iron deficiency in the human body


If you sleep the usual number of hours, but feel more tired if you start to sleep during the day, if even on weekends, after sleeping, you do not feel a surge of energy - this is an alarming bell.


Did you carefully read the recipe, went to the fridge to get the right products, and realized that you did not remember half of the list? Do you often find yourself in a colleague's office but forgot what you wanted to ask? You are watching a movie, but after half an hour you cannot tell your friend what it is about? Run to the doctor.


This incomprehensible word means a recurring irresistible desire to immediately devour something inedible. Chalk, earth, sand - it doesn't matter. If you are not pregnant (in this state, such things are within the normal range), then an attractive-tasting flower bed should alert you.


Caught up with the bus, and then for half an hour they could not breathe, swallowed air, felt dizzy? These are signs of iron deficiency and low hemoglobin!


Aristocratic pallor is fashionable, and there are naturally white people. Checking if there is any danger here is simple: if your cheeks turn red after exercising in the gym or after any other physical activity, everything is in order. And if you remain marbled white - it's time to sound the alarm.


Surely you are familiar with the pain that occurs after a more intense load. But with a lack of iron, these pains can occur "out of the blue." So if you have been lying on the couch all day, and the next morning you feel like you were unloading trucks, take a blood test.


Even the most stylish manicure will not help hide thin, brittle nails if you have a lack of iron in the body. It is quite dangerous if you notice depressions and spoon-shaped depressions on the nails.



If you can't sit still at the table, but constantly shift one foot to the other and back, twist them into a rope, rearrange them closer and further, think about it: this is one of the symptoms of iron deficiency!


It's hot outside, but you still have icy hands? Can't sleep because you can't get warm? This should not be!

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