Old dogs: photo

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Old dogs: photo
Old dogs: photo

Dogs quickly turn from puppies into adult pets. Photographer Amanda Jones has been photographing dogs for 20 years. During this time, she created an interesting series of pictures about how our pets change with age

How dogs age: a touching photo project

Stories about how beloved dogs grow up, Amanda designed into a book with comments from pet owners. The photographer's project was inspired by her own dog, Lily.

"The age of some dogs is hard to tell by their appearance, while for others the years are reflected in the eyes, visible in the graying coat and also in the dog's cheeks," says Amanda. “It is this resemblance to humans that creates the deep bond that exists between us and dogs. Only one thing remains the same over the years - it's love. This is something that is completely independent of how old your dog is.”

Corbet: 2 years and 11 years Fred: 2 years old and 10 years old Lily: 8 months and 15 years Sydney and Savannah: 16 and 5 months, then 10 and 9 years Copper: 3 years and 10 years Maddie: 5 and 10 years old Caden and Brody: 11 months and 5 years, then 7 and 12 years Briscoe: 1 year and 10 years Abigail: 4 months and 8 years
Poppy: 1 year old and 7 years old

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