Where else to kiss: a map of his erogenous zones

Where else to kiss: a map of his erogenous zones
Where else to kiss: a map of his erogenous zones

One of the biggest erogenous zones, which just asks to get its dose of affection and tenderness, is not the only point on your man's body that you need to pay attention to. Where to press, kiss and stroke to increase arousal and increase the chances of incredible sex?

Where else to kiss: a map of his erogenous zones
Where else to kiss: a map of his erogenous zones

It would seem that a man's body is an extremely simple mechanism that does not require constant disassembly and assembly, unlike us, complex women. Paying all your attention to only one cherished detail, you personally impoverish your sex life. Your man also needs a full study of his body and close attention. Where to look for his star points and how to activate them to make your foreplay as effective as possible?


As a rule, sex begins with kisses. Gentle or passionate, slow or fast - all this contributes to increased erection and excites your man. In addition to the lips, where many nerve endings are concentrated, his ears and the delicate skin behind them have a strong sensitivity, the neck in the back of the head and his chest are a whole minefield where the bomb explosion will be powerful and deadly beautiful. By the way, your gentle whisper also has a very strong effect on a man. And also the eyes. No one has canceled the rule that a man first of all loves with his eyes. So your seductive appearance is also on the list of exciting factors.


Such a huge area - expanse for creativity. Kiss, lick and nibble gently on the area between the navel and pubis, especially if more daring caresses follow. Such attention to a man before a blowjob will really excite your beloved and his erection will be even stronger!

As for the back, this is the perfect place for a gentle massage not only with your hands, but with your whole body. Give him wonderful moments of relaxation by stroking his back, cover this area with kisses, caress his back with a strand of your hair. All this works flawlessly and sets the man up for a wonderful continuation.

And the priest, just like the sacrum, is a special place where stroking, clapping, biting are appropriate. Do not act too aggressively so that your man does not start to tense up and be afraid of your body movements in this zone. But soft and quick touches are not forbidden.


On the arms and legs of a man there are areas with increased sensitivity - this is the inner surface of the forearm and thighs. Gentle strokes, kneading, casual touches and kisses on the inside of the arms and legs can make your man go wild!


Well, how else. A member, testicles and the area adjacent to them up to the anus - this is a 100% hit in the bull's-eye! Here you can massage, stroke, kiss and deliver oral pleasure to your beloved. Do whatever your heart desires, most importantly - with love and attention. Your desire to give a man pleasure is already a strong stimulant of his erection. Paying attention to the penis, do not forget to stroke the inside of the thighs and caress his entire body with your hands so that the excitement passes through him like an electric current. The result of such manipulations will not keep you waiting - your man will be happy and grateful to fate for such a gift in the form of the best woman on Earth, that is, you.

Use all your means at hand to caress your beloved body: hands, feet, breasts, ass, tongue and teeth. And add to this list also spicy ingredients in the form of oils, feathers or sex toys. So you will see that every millimeter of the beloved's skin is a continuous erogenous zone. You should turn on the explorer and travel through the male body, and the reward will be unearthly pleasure and automatic assignment of the title of the best mistress.

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