Princesses and princes who married commoners

Princesses and princes who married commoners
Princesses and princes who married commoners

On June 13, 2015, Swedish TV personality Sophia Hellqvist became a princess when she married Prince Carl Philip. However, marriages between blue-blooded persons and mere mortals are no longer news. Everyone has the hope of marrying a prince, and we found a lot of evidence for this.

Princesses and princes who married commoners
Princesses and princes who married commoners

Swedish Prince Carl Philip and TV star Sofia Hellqvist

Recent weddings of representatives of the Swedish monarchy are invariably concluded with mere mortals. But in the story with Sophia Hellqvist, the audience was frightened by her dark past, or rather, erotic. Before meeting Prince Sofia, she posed nude for the Swedish men's magazine Slitz, participated in the erotic TV show Paradise Hotel and was friends with pornographic actress Jenna Jameson. Hellquist changed her mind in time: among her hobbies were sports and charity: she founded a yoga studio in New York and financially helped orphanages in Sweden and Ghana. Apparently, spiritual kindness bribed Carl Philip when he met a girl in a nightclub in 2009. Despite the protests of the family, Carl began dating the beauty and five years later proposed to her. 400 guests gathered for the celebration, including Queen Silvia, who had previously opposed their relationship.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and businessman Christopher Paul O'Neill

Children: daughter Leonor and son

While the older brother was recovering from the wedding, Princess Madeleine gave birth to a son, who became the second child in the family of a Swedish princess and an American businessman. This news was no less joyful event than their wedding in the summer of 2013. Then the celebration helped the royal family to raise their status in the eyes of the public. The fact is that unpleasant rumors swirled around the monarchs for a long time: a book was published telling about drunken orgies and love affairs of the current king Carl XVI Gustav, and Queen Silvia was accused of hiding her father's commitment to Nazi Germany.

The wedding was attended by 1200 people - they were royals from different parts of the world, and ordinary citizens who wanted to stare at the ceremony. Madeleine chose a dress designed by Valentino Garavani, wearing a four-meter veil and a tiara with sprigs of myrtle, which is specially grown near the former palace of the royal family in the city of Helsingborg.

And before that, a grand party was held at the five-star Grand Hotel in Sweden, which was attended by more than 500 guests. Such parties are not in the tradition of royal families, but for the sake of everyone's favorite Madeleine, they made a pleasant exception.

The Crown Princess of Sweden Victoria and trainer Daniel Westling

Children: Estelle's daughter

The older sister of Carl Philip and Madeleine never looked like an ideal princess: she had problems with reading and spelling due to dyslexia for a long time (her father suffers from this disease), so at school she struggled with ridicule from her classmates. And as a teenager, Victoria was treated for an eating disorder. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the girl from studying at the universities of France and the USA and becoming a favorite in her homeland. The Swedish woman even became the first in line for the royal title: thanks to the constitutional reform, it is she, and not her brother, who will head the throne after the death of her father.

Victoria also chose far from aristocrats as boyfriends. Her first chosen one was Daniel Kollert, with whom the girl studied at the same school. However, ten years later, their romance came to naught. Personal sports trainer Daniel Westling became a more serious hobby. The couple hid their relationship for a year, fearing the wrath of the royal family. Victoria was even ready to give up the throne for the sake of her lover, but, fortunately, she did not have to take such extreme measures. The Prime Minister of Sweden approved their union, and in 2010 the lovers played a wedding, which was immediately dubbed "the largest royal wedding in Europe" (this was even before the triumph of Kate and William).

The Duke of Cambridge William and marketer Kate Middleton

Children: George and Charlotte

Kate cannot be called a girl from the people: after all, her parents are we althy entrepreneurs, and she studied at the private Marlborough College and at the prestigious St. Andrews University, where she met Prince William, the eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales. However, Katherine's pedigree only lists working-class people.

Despite the protests of Queen Elizabeth II, William's grandmother, who did not want to put up with the origin of Middleton, the prince married his beloved after 9 years of romance. However, the skepticism of Elizabeth II in relation to her relative does not affect her popularity, which often borders on insanity. Her style is repeated by fashionistas all over the world, and online stores do not get tired of selling copies of things related to the Duchess. The dealers even managed to sell a few bottles of air from the wedding of Kate and William on one of the British sites. Such a souvenir could be purchased for only $33.

Muslim Prince Raheem Aga Ahan and top model Kendra Spears

Children: son Irfan

The Aga Akhan family does not have its own state, but the head of the dynasty leads the Nizari Ismaili society and keeps many resorts, castles and a large bank account. For the sake of all this, American top model Kendra Spears left her career as a fashion model (before her marriage, she managed to work with Moschino, Escada, Victoria's Secret and H&M) and devoted herself to maternal care. In October, the newlyweds had a son, Irfan, who will inherit the royal title. However, Raheem Aga Ahan is not against the work of his chosen one, but, on the contrary, is grateful to her, because the lovers met at the suggestion of Kendra's colleague Naomi Campbell in the spring of 2013.

By the way, the prince's family jokes that love for models is in his genes: his grandfather was married to Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth, and the mother of Aga Akhan himself is British model Sarah Crocket-Poole.

Prince of Monaco Albert Grimaldi and swimmer Charlene Wittstock

Children: son Jacques Honore and daughter Gabriella

The story of Charlene Wittstock is a real fairy tale about modern Cinderella. Charlene was born into a poor family in Zimbabwe. Love for sports and constant training under the supervision of her mother, a swimming coach, helped the girl win the championship in South Africa, and later participate in the Olympic Games. It was there that she met the Prince of Monaco. Albert became interested in Charlene and began to insist on a personal meeting, but the athlete did not give the fan an answer for a long time. This attracted the prince. He was used to the fact that the girls immediately fell into his arms, managed to pass for a womanizer for an infinite number of girlfriends, two of whom gave him a son and a daughter. Charlene held the line for 11 years, scheduling her engagement and estranged herself from her fiancé, until finally official sources announced their upcoming wedding.

The inhabitants of Monaco immediately accepted Charlene: her pretty appearance reminded everyone of Albert Grace Kelly's mother. And journalists, on the contrary, love to scoff. The media either accused Wittstock of pulling with children (she gave birth to twins 3 years after the ceremony), or attributed to Albert novels with new mistresses.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and re altor Mary Donaldson

Children: son Christian, daughter Isabella, son Vincent and daughter Josephine

Frederick and Mary met in Australia, the homeland of the future Crown Princess. The Dane came to the Green Continent to support his team at the Olympics, and after a hard day went to a pub, where he saw his future wife. They began to communicate - first by mail, then Donaldson moved to London to work in a law office and be closer to her beloved. At the same time, the girl for a long time did not know who her chosen one really was. But when the acquaintance with the royal family did take place, Donaldson had to accept the high status of the groom and agree to several conditions: she had to learn Danish perfectly, serve in the army, go to the Lutheran church and agree to give up all children born in marriage in case of divorce. Mary agreed with everything and in May 2004 put on an outfit by the Danish designer Uffe Frank and adorned her head with a veil inherited from the Danish Crown Princess Margaret. And in honor of her native country, the girl carried a bouquet of white roses and Australian eucalyptus leaves in her hands.

By the way, now the Australian bar, which hosted a significant meeting of two hearts, often hosts "Meet Your Prince" parties.

Prince Joachim of Denmark and programmer Marie Cavalier

Children: son Henrik and daughter Athena

Frederick's younger brother also preferred a girl who was far from the Danish monarchy: she did not belong to the blue blood and the Lutheran church, did not know the Danish language, and was originally from France. At the same time, this is not the first time the prince has violated the traditions of his country. In 2004, he divorced his first wife, British Alexandra Manley, who was called the "Northern Diana" for her charity work.

Joachim met his current girlfriend back in 2002 at a dinner party, but young people began dating only after his divorce. Clever Marie (she graduated from Boston University and speaks three foreign languages) was liked not only by the prince, but also by his children from his first marriage and even by his ex-wife - they often celebrated holidays with such a large company. By the way, the children of Alexandra have the right to take the throne before the children of Marie.

King Felipe of Spain and journalist Leticia Ortiz

Children: daughters Leonor and Sofia

In the traditional sense, Letizia had nothing to attract the prince: there are no great people in her pedigree, she worked as a journalist on television, and behind her was an unhappy marriage to school teacher Alonso Perez. After the divorce in 1999, Letizia ceased to be interested in men at all, she only had a career in her head. Felipe had the same situation: the heir to the throne changed girls so often that his family had already stopped looking for brides for him.

Prince Letizia met while reporting on a sunken tanker in the north of the country and bribed with her defiance. She refused all invitations to a date, and the prince had to try hard to tame his future wife. Fortunately, the effort was worth it: Letizia became not only an excellent mother, but also the favorite of all of Spain and even Europe. And in 2014, the couple became kings after the abdication of Felipe's father from the throne.

King of the Netherlands Willem Alexander and sales manager Maxime Sorregueta

Children: daughters Katarina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariana

Calling a simpleton Maxim's tongue will not turn: the pedigree is full of representatives of European monarchs, and her father was the Minister of Agriculture in the 70s. True, it was in Argentina during the reign of the dictator Videla, and the girl's mother was not the wife, but the mistress of the minister. The story of the parents did not prevent Maxima in 2002, three years after they met, to ring Willem, and after 9 years to head the throne with her husband, who inherited the crown from his mother Beatrice, who abdicated.

It is noteworthy that Willem's previous girlfriend could not become his wife precisely because of the discontent of his relatives. Emily Bremers was born in the family of an entrepreneur, but no royals were found in her family tree, which at one time did not please Queen Beatrice.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and waitress Mette-Marit Heiby

Children: son Marius, daughter Ingrid, son Sverre

After the Norwegian prince announced his engagement to Mette Marit Heiby, the public was alarmed. Not only was Mette a simple waitress, but she also raised an illegitimate son from one of her ex-boyfriends. Especially the behavior of the future crown princess did not like the Lutheran church, in which the newlyweds were supposed to get married: the clergy do not approve of sexual relations before marriage, and Haakon and his bride managed to live in a joint apartment in Oslo for several months.

Nevertheless, none of this stopped Haakon. He not only married his chosen one, but also adopted her son Mette. True, the boy, according to the Norwegian Constitution, will never be able to ascend the throne.

Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and student Maria Teresa Mestre

Children: sons Guillaume, Felix, Louis, Sebastia and daughter Alexandra

Henri met Cuban Maria Teresa while studying at the University of Geneva. The young people immediately began dating, but Henri's mother, the Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte, did not share the ardor of the lovers and could not understand why her son began a relationship with a commoner. After the wedding, their relationship only worsened, and, alas, did not get better until the death of Josephine-Charlotte in 2005.

Emperor of Japan Akihito and milling heiress Michiko Seda

Children: sons Naruhito and Akishino, daughter of Sayako

For Japan, adherence to traditions is especially important, so neither ordinary people of the country nor his relatives agreed with the choice of Akihito for a long time. The thing is that Michiko was the first empress in the history of the state, who was not chosen at the behest of the groom's parents and did not have a colorful pedigree. From the biography of Seda, it is also known that from childhood she helped her father in the factory and grew silkworms, and this work is no longer welcomed by the descendants of blue blood.

But despite all the ill-wishers, Akihito remained faithful to his woman.

Mitiko herself also had a hard time in this fight against public opinion. She was treated several times in clinics after nervous breakdowns, and once she even lost her voice. True, over time, the Japanese people fell in love with their empress. Everyone liked that she was raising five children without the help of nannies, that she always supported her husband and translated the poems of the Japanese poet Michio Ishida into English, which allowed him to become famous all over the world.

Princess Sayako of Japan and designer Yoshiki Kuroda

Mitiko's daughters are no longer so lucky with the throne: having chosen urban designer Yoshiko Kuroda as her husband, the girl had to give up the crown and the right to a generous imperial allowance. Fortunately, the Imperial Household Office took pity on Sayako and gave her a dowry of $1,300,000.

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