Hotels where you can relax for less than 100 euros

Hotels where you can relax for less than 100 euros
Hotels where you can relax for less than 100 euros

Let's face it, chain hotels and all inclusive are boring. found the best designer hotels for us for less than 100 euros.

Hotels where you can relax for less than 100 euros
Hotels where you can relax for less than 100 euros

Designer hotels of the world

NOT HOTEL, Amsterdam

As the name implies, this is not a hotel, but 12 rooms, united only by a degree of creative freedom. Guests are offered the "Nest", "Crisis Free Zone", "Painted House", "Amsterdam Tram" and other living concepts. In addition to the price and beauty, we fell in love with Not Hotel for the service of renting bicycles, without which there is nowhere.


A night at the XVA Art Hotel is, of course, a night at the museum. Contemporary Middle Eastern art is displayed in the lobby and galleries, and you will live in one of 13 unique rooms. The local flair allowed the hotel to get into the Wallpaper aesthetic guides rating, but we like the XVA Art Hotel for its price and the fact that it differs from the faceless high-rise hotels in Dubai.


Unlike most boutique hotels, Hotel Muse does not flirt with modern art, but refers to the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, which is considered to be the "golden era" in the history of Thailand. A solid five stars and a completely atypical price. We like such good cheap hotels!


A tiny hotel a step away from the main sights of Istanbul can be easily confused with an antique shop, the ceilings and walls are so densely hung with the heritage of the great empire. By the way, the gizmos you like can be bought in the art space on the top floor. Here the owner of the Kybele Hotel receives famous guests - from Moscow party-goers to Kirsten Dunst.


The unstarred design hotel Room Mate Laura is in the top 17% of hotels in Madrid. At the same time, the owners of the hotel, instead of pedantic calculations, tell the guests who this mysterious Laura is.

In addition to being cheap, we love Room Mate Laura for the pop art on the walls and the gorgeous parks next door.


Another hotel-museum was found in Ubud. The number of sculptures, paintings and batik per square meter is simply over the top. In addition to luxurious rooms, the hotel has several spas and a jungle pool.

And here's another tip - book rooms with free cancellation and sign up for Hotellook's special offers mailing list. In the future, the cost may decrease, and then you can completely rebook the hotel at a lower price.

NHOW, Berlin

The hotel calls itself "the first musical", but this is far from a complete description. The acid lobby is replaced by no less bold numbers. It's nice that almost all rooms overlook the river.

Another important argument in favor of Nhow is its proximity to the art space in the former S-Bahn workshops. Based on materials from

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