What are the dirtiest things in your apartment and your bag?

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What are the dirtiest things in your apartment and your bag?
What are the dirtiest things in your apartment and your bag?

Wallet and duffel bag, what do they have in common? That they can be much dirtier than you think. You can find out how dirty these things can be and how to clean them right now.

8 of the dirtiest everyday things and how to clean them quickly

We often do not think about the objects that we use every day: where they are with us, what they come into contact with and how much dirt they can have that is not visible to the naked eye. Here are 8 things you most likely want to clean up ASAP.

Your handbag

Microbiological tests from ordinary handbags in the UK showed an interesting picture. In addition to branded labels, 90% of handbags carry various bacteria, the number of which per square centimeter is six times greater than under the toilet rim.

Throw away all those unnecessary scraps of old notes, candy wrappers, small change, etc. Treat leather bags with a water-repellent impregnation and repeat this treatment from time to time. Just use a colorless one so you don't stain your clothes.

Your wallet

Let's dive a little deeper into the abyss of the handbag. And what do we have here? Wallet. Yes, dear ladies, unfortunately, women's wallets are much dirtier than men's. Ruthless statistics confirm. Well, judge for yourself - how much more often we take it out, how much more often we put it on the shelves of various stores and then hide it back in our purse.

If your wallet is leather, use the handbag tips above. If other material, read label for cleaning instructions. Isn't there such a thing? Finally buy a leather wallet and don't rack your brains.

Your gym bag

You are beautiful, energetic, full of strength and he alth and go to the gym. Excellent. And here is your gym bag - a portable bacteriological bomb. A third of the examined bags were carriers of Escherichia coli. Check the care label - on what modes can it be washed? Wash, dry and sanitize it regularly.

Your mobile phone

Mobile phone, sit down, officially recognized as the dirtiest of all everyday items. Bacteria on the surface of an ordinary phone is one hundred and sixty! times more than on our good friend Toilet Rim. That is, the average mobile phone is dirtier than the toilet bowl and the door handle of the toilet at the station - and then you kiss with these lips?

Wipe dirt off the screen and case with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion. Don't forget to gently wipe your phone's camera lens for good, streak-free selfies. Of the entire arsenal of cleaning products, only alcohol can be used here.

Your makeup brushes

Brushes accumulate dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, dust and the actual cosmetics that we apply them. How we store them also affects their purity. A scattering of brushes in a cosmetic bag? Quickly picked up from the floor is not considered to be fallen? The bad news: Bacteria are transplanted to an object dropped on the floor in 0.75 seconds. Wash, dry and sanitize your brushes regularly.

Your toothbrush

Let's not go too deep, we all know WHAT's going on in the bathroom, which means we can assume what settles on toothbrushes. Change your toothbrushes or electric toothbrush heads every three to four months. Don't store it in an airtight place as it won't dry out completely and becomes a cozy home for fungus and bacteria.

Your jewelry

Jewelry, especially those you wear every day (primarily rings), comes into contact with everything you do and is the perfect place for dirt to be invisible to our eyes. Use special compounds for cleaning jewelry.

Do not wear jewelry to work, especially if your work is related to medicine or food production. You carry all this working nutrient medium with you all the time, and you do this even after washing your hands (do you remove the ring when washing your hands?). “Honey, today we opened a purulent abscess, and I just thought, why not stick dumplings for dinner?”

Your keyboard

Even you don't have the habit of eating at the keyboard, you breathe on it, sneeze and accidentally spit (for example, laughing). And she's right in front of you. Do you clean regularly? Wipe clean with a soft, slightly damp lint-free cloth and alcohol wipes.

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