5 breakfasts for a slim figure and beautiful skin

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5 breakfasts for a slim figure and beautiful skin
5 breakfasts for a slim figure and beautiful skin

Elastic chest, thin waist, toned hips and sexy buttocks… Do you want to get all these charms in the shortest possible time? - Load up on grains! 5 types of he althy breakfast cereals for weight loss will help you lose weight, add energy, and become a guarantee of your he alth and attractiveness.

5 breakfasts that will save you from skin problems and excess weight
5 breakfasts that will save you from skin problems and excess weight

Not so long ago, scientists at Harvard University came to the conclusion that eating cereals may be the key to longevity. People who often have cereal on their dinner table feel better and look younger than those who do not welcome this type of food. In addition, they are more protected from heart disease and diabetes. As you can see, you have many reasons to love porridge. He althy eating experts advise not limiting yourself to one or two types of cereals on the table, but to eat at least 3-4 different cereals per week - each of them has its own unique properties.

Delicious and he althy breakfast cereals

Buckwheat porridge

For slimness and grace

Buckwheat is called the queen of all cereals, and for good reason. It contains almost all the beneficial properties of other cereals. It is low in calories, making it a favorite of all weight loss diets, and hypoallergenic because it is gluten-free. This wonderful product has no contraindications and can be used as often as you want! By the way, eating buckwheat is useful not only for women, but also for their partners. For men, this delicious porridge has an effect close in effect to aphrodisiacs. In other words, it increases potency.

The composition of buckwheat vitamins is very wide: A, E, PP and almost the entire series of group B. Buckwheat is also rich in trace elements. It contains cob alt - a substance that strengthens the nervous system; nickel - an element that increases hemoglobin; potassium - the first "strengthener" of muscles and bones; as well as selenium - a substance that removes toxins.

100 g of porridge - 132 kcal

Rice porridge

For satiety and intelligence

All of this ultimately reflects well on your intellect. Rice also contains folic acid, an indispensable element during pregnancy planning and the first weeks of fetal development. And the last bonus - rice tends to cleanse the body in case of intoxication, therefore rice water is the first remedy for mild (!) Food poisoning.

In 100 g of porridge - 78 kcal

Millet porridge

For heart and liver he alth

This sunny type of porridge, so named for the soft yellow hue of cereals, is a real panacea for diseases of the heart and liver. It contains simply unimaginable amounts of protein, potassium and magnesium, trace elements that the heart loves so much. Therefore, doctors recommend millet porridge to people suffering from disorders in the cardiovascular system. In addition, millet regulates the functioning of the liver, removes toxins and toxins, heavy metal ions. This dish helps relieve nervous tension and physical fatigue.

Millet porridge is an ideal dinner option, you can eat it even late in the evening without harming your figure. Don't know how to diversify the taste of porridge? - Add nuts, sweet pumpkin or honey. But remember: millet is difficult to digest for people with low or zero stomach acidity. So with gastritis, show a sense of proportion!

In 100 g of porridge - 90 kcal


For he alth and beauty

Once in the stomach, oatmeal "dissolves", turning into a porous viscous mass. It absorbs and removes from the body toxins, toxic and ballast substances that age us, tire us and provoke diseases. But that's not all! A large amount of dietary fiber in oatmeal cleanses the intestines, making it work like clockwork. As a result, fans of this porridge normalize metabolism, lose weight, improve their appearance and well-being.

Oatmeal is a real storehouse of beauty vitamins. It abounds in biotin (vitamin H), which is involved in the structure of cells, improves the condition of the skin and nails. It also contains vitamin K, which has the ability to reduce the level of special substances in the body that are perceived by the immune system as a signal for aging. And, of course, it cannot do without vitamin E, which prolongs female youth and beauty.

100 g of porridge - 88 kcal

Barley porridge

For youth and longevity

Garnish of barley porridge is simply indispensable on the table, because it has a pronounced anti-age effect, prevents cell aging. The lysine contained in pearl barley is an essential amino acid that takes an active part in the production of collagen, thereby slowing down the process of the appearance of age wrinkles and contributing to the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. And barley is the only cereal that contains phytomelatonin, a hormone responsible for sweet dreams and recuperation of the body.

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