7 babysitting mistakes you shouldn't make

7 babysitting mistakes you shouldn't make
7 babysitting mistakes you shouldn't make

Advice on choosing a nanny for parents so as not to get Freken Bock into the family instead of Mary Poppins and Arina Rodionovna.

My terrible nanny. Seven mistakes we make when choosing staff
My terrible nanny. Seven mistakes we make when choosing staff

How to choose the right babysitter for your child

Honored teacher with 30 years of experience

I'm older and royal

"Vanya loves to play in the sandbox," you tell your babysitting candidate. "In the sandbox?" she raises her eyebrows. “Mom, what are you? It's full of microbes! Ice cream needs to be warmed up before use, foreign cartoons break the psyche, and it is necessary to treat a cold with burdock. Such a nanny will not listen to you and your wishes regarding the treatment of a child - or for reasons of principle, because she considers herself, by default, more experienced, smarter, better versed in child psychology. Or he will listen, but he won't do it, because all of the above. The ability to see boundaries and respect them is a necessary quality for a nanny.

Let's make a man out of him

The nanny is very critical in listening to details about your child's life and habits. Still not potty trained? Very bad. Doesn't know the letters, doesn't know how to tie shoelaces and is afraid of the dark? Mom, what did you even think about before, you already ruined the child's life. A nanny who believes that "a child should", not ready to see him as a person with his own needs and desires, to be flexible and compromise on a daily basis is not your option.

Recommendations? What recommendations?

How to choose the right nanny? Of course, not every nanny will come to an interview with a bunch of letters of recommendation, but the complete lack of feedback on the announced experience should alert you. There are nannies who are uncomfortable asking them, but they agree to do it for you. But amazingly, 90% of former employers went to live abroad and there was no connection with them. Yes, and they did not use e-mail, and they were not members of social networks. And for some reason, the nanny can’t tell any details about working in the family either.

What a beautiful baby

I'll tell you everything, I won't hide anything

At the interview, the nanny constantly talks about herself, about all her relatives and family problems, about what she heard yesterday at the market. She will report all the details of the personal life of the family where she worked before, and at the same time she will tell about the injustice towards her that she broke up with them. By the way, she speaks negatively about all her previous employers: some paid little, others came late, others did not appreciate them. We guarantee that soon you too will join the list of these unreliable citizens.

Let's talk like business people

At the interview, the nanny immediately takes the bull by the horns and busily discusses the terms of cooperation. For some reason, she doesn’t ask anything about your child - apparently, she already understood everything. But he is strictly interested in how about salary indexation, how vacations and overtime are paid (and from what minute you are late they start), who will cook and clean in the nursery. Bad sign: A good babysitter will immediately show her interest in the child.

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