7 old and proven cleaning hacks

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7 old and proven cleaning hacks
7 old and proven cleaning hacks

With a huge selection of modern cleaning products in stores, we often forget the simple, almost worthless and, importantly, sustainable good old natural ways.

7 cleaning hacks that have worked for 100 years
7 cleaning hacks that have worked for 100 years

How the house was cleaned in the UK in the days of Jane Eyre.

Start at the top

A simple rule that has not lost its relevance since pre-Newtonian times. Remove from top to bottom. From the top shelves to the floor. The dust eventually falls down. Following this advice will save you from having to wipe the floor and surfaces again.

Remove bad odors

Before the invention of aerosol air fresheners, the same effect was achieved by spraying a mixture of plain water and lemon juice around the house. Lemons, in addition to the wonderful smell, have antibacterial properties. Houseplants, flowers in pots are a good way to keep a pleasant aroma in the house. And bunches of dried lavender not only smell good, but also repel moths.

Shining surfaces

Mix one part vinegar, two parts water, and the juice of one lemon for a luxurious kitchen, bathroom, and floor cleaner. And faience (bath, sink, toilet) can be cleaned with half a grapefruit: rubbed with a cut, sprinkled with s alt from the heart, washed off with a sponge with hot water. Voila!

Windows and mirrors

Do you want to get sparkling glasses quickly, easily and effectively? Mix one to one vinegar with hot water and spray windows and mirrors with this solution. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth or newspaper. There will be no divorce.

Polished furniture

Instead of sprays and polishes, mix one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil. It is convenient and quite environmentally friendly. A positive side effect is that the unused mixture can be safely seasoned with a salad.

Clean pans and pots

Warm water and soda. Soda and warm water. That's all it takes to scrub off any stains on your dishes. Well, a crust of dry bread for particularly stubborn stains. Rub lightly rusted cutlery with a cut onion and the rust will come off.

Carpet cleaning

Kicking in the snow is a beautiful and glorious tradition. But there are easier ways. Scatter on the carpet, and then sweep away the sleeping tea. Do you drink that much tea? No problem. Sprinkle baking soda generously on the carpet and sweep it off after 15 minutes. All the dirt will be in it.

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