Breaking Myths: 18 Personal Grooming Misconceptions

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Breaking Myths: 18 Personal Grooming Misconceptions
Breaking Myths: 18 Personal Grooming Misconceptions

It would seem that now women know everything about cosmetics: they read blogs, are members of specialized communities, buy glossy magazines and visit thematic sites … And still, the myths that are rooted in the minds are still alive, which are not so easy to uproot from there. But we don't give up!

18 self-care myths that make women look worse
18 self-care myths that make women look worse

Myths about the dangers of cosmetics


Foundation dehydrates skin

Modern tonal products, as a rule, contain a complex of moisturizing agents that retain moisture. For this purpose, aloe vera gel, chamomile and calendula extracts are most often used, and often hyaluronic acid. And if you remember that we have BB and CC creams in our arsenal that take care of the skin and directly moisturize it … In general, if you have dry skin, do not blame the foundation!


Foundation promotes skin aging

Canadian dermatologists (whose research is especially useful for us, because climatic conditions are similar) compared two groups of women: using and not using tone. The results will please you: makeup lovers have younger skin! There is an explanation for this. Foundation and powder, like a veil, hide the skin from wind, dust, city smog and, if they contain SPF, also from the sun! In addition, tonal products often contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and delay skin aging. Check out your favorite products: it's great if they contain vitamin E, C, squalene and oils.


If a product says "only natural ingredients" or "organic", this product is hypoallergenic

If only… Birch pollen is natural too, you know. And poplar fluff has the very natural origin. So be careful!

Mistakes in facial skincare


There are remedies that narrow pores

Don't worry, but the size of the pores of the skin is determined by heredity. So all claims - to mom and dad. Cosmetic companies earn billions by offering the consumer (you!) countless serums, masks and other macropulos products that supposedly get rid of pores in a short time. Don't give in! In most cases, this is a purely visual effect, the pores become less noticeable, because they are tightly clogged with keratin, sebum secretion … and multiplying bacteria. Do you need it? If you are worried about pores, choose a good foundation, and retinol creams will help to remove pigmentation that emphasizes pores.


Better to let your skin breathe at night and not use night cream

This is how our body works, that it is at night that all the recovery processes take place, including in the skin. After washing your face from the accumulated daily dirt and cosmetics, feel free to apply a good nourishing or moisturizing cream. It won't clog pores or interfere with skin's natural breathing.


Preservatives used in skin care products are bad for skin

Let's face it: are you ready to keep your cosmetics in a special refrigerator (separate!), remove the cream from the jar with an exclusively sterile spatula and replace even an unfinished jar at least once every 3-4 days? That's it. Preservatives prevent the breakdown of ingredients, have an antibacterial effect and extend the shelf life of the product in unsealed containers. Say "thank you" to them and remember that all these substances have passed strict dermatological control.


Any alcohol ingredients dry out the skin

If we talk specifically about alcohol, then, of course, it dries. But on the label you see, as a rule, the word alcohol, right? Alcohol components have many applications. Alcohol can be a humectant, solvent, emulsifier, and even an antioxidant. The most commonly used in the cosmetic industry are propylene glycol (moisturizer), tocopherol (antioxidant), cetyl alcohol (thickener), SD 40 alcohol (fat stain solvent) and stearyl alcohol (softening, moisturizing). And there is nothing terrible about them!


Blackheads come from dirt

Yes, in childhood we heard enough … Pimples - from dirty hands, period! And black dots are dirt clogged in the pores! In fact, the cause of acne is an increase in the secretion of sebum and a change in its composition. As a result, the barrier function of the skin is disrupted and conditions are created for the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right and regularly use special products for washing and caring for problem skin, and even better - visit a dermatologist. And from constant washing, the lipid barrier that protects the skin is destroyed, and the situation is only getting worse.


Facial tonics are a waste of money

But here we will not offer you to save. A facial tonic is necessary every time after cleansing, whether you washed your face with water, foam, or generally prefer to wipe your face with lotion. One way or another, cleansing breaks the acid balance of the skin, and the tonic just restores it.


It is useful to wipe the face with an ice cube

Not for everyone and not always. On the one hand, this process helps to cheer up and refresh the skin. On the other hand, such actions are contraindicated for everyone whose blood vessels are weak or located too close to the skin: instead of a he althy complexion, you risk finding spider veins.


Cellulite is linked to fluid intake


If you keep polishing your nails all the time, they will become brittle

If you apply the varnish correctly, on a base containing vitamins and proteins, it will strengthen your nails, because we seem to be dressing them. And “undressed”, not protected by a layer of paint, nails are much more likely to break due to micro-impacts that we do not feel and do not notice (for example, when using a keyboard). As for the “breathing” of nails, this is the biggest myth. Think about it: a nail is a keratinized plate. What is there to breathe?!


Facial massage leads to stretching of the skin and its rapid aging

Cosmetics for hair care: myths and reality


Rinse your hair with cold water for rich color and shine

Philip Kingsley, hair care guru, says cold rinses can't be the reason for he althy shine. Cold leads to temporary vasoconstriction, the flow of nutrients to the hair roots stops, the hair experiences shock, which is not useful. To make your hair shiny, just wash your hair well from shampoo and apply a good styling product with a shine effect. Well, or do lamination. But water has nothing to do with it.


Split ends can be cured with special products for the ends of the hair, if used regularly

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some products glue split ends due to the fact that they contain high-viscosity silicones. However, once you comb or wash your hair, everything will return to normal. Split ends - cut off.


For hair, the influence of ultraviolet radiation is harmless, because the hair cannot burn

So it is, but ultraviolet reduces the strength of the structural protein of the hair shaft - keratin, so after prolonged exposure to the sun, the hair becomes dry and brittle. Keep in mind that shampoos and balms containing sunscreens are not very effective - they are simply washed off with these filters with water. But styling products, sprays and leave-in waterproof conditioners with UV filters are what you need.


You can't wash your hair every day

And Saturday is a bath day, yeah. In the days of our grandmothers, it was believed that oily hair should be washed every 5-7 days, and dry hair once every 10-12 days. Why? Let's remember what they washed their hair with in those days. Modern products cleanse much more delicately, do not dry out the scalp, so trichologists not only do not dissuade, but recommend washing your hair daily. Naturally, if you need it. In general, wash as often as you like!


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