General cleaning of the soul

General cleaning of the soul
General cleaning of the soul

Project prepared jointly with Novo-Passit®

General cleaning of the soul
General cleaning of the soul

In theory, a new life begins once. In fact, we do this several times a year. And for some reason, each time we limit ourselves to cosmetic changes - for example, we take out old trash from the house, do cleaning or even repairs. Undoubtedly, this is a very good impulse, which “shakes” us for a while and gives us strength for new achievements. But why do we put things in order only around ourselves? How about looking into your own soul? By the same principle: ventilate, throw out the garbage. Try to review your relationship with your loved one, loved ones and friends. Believe me, it will help!


Ignoring innuendo in a relationship is like not noticing the elephant in the room. Unexpressed emotions and unexplained relationships will grow and fill the space until there is no room for normal communication at all. Do not delay, finally sort out all the grievances and omissions. If the right opportunity does not present itself, take matters into your own hands. Set a time when you and your partner are ready to have a quiet (and possibly long) conversation. But do not forget about a friendly tone - try to express your claims in a respectful way so as not to look like an accuser. Be correct, attentive and patient. Then at the end of the conversation, both of you will breathe a sigh of relief.


There are probably things in your relationships with others that just don't work. Have you ever asked for something over and over again and never got results? Maybe you should change your approach? If you keep reminding your husband to take out the trash and the bag stays where it is, try a different tactic. Leave a reminder sticker on the front door. Right at his eye level. Who knows, maybe it will help? It is not enough to be filled with energy, you also need to direct it in the right direction. Be creative!


Do you have a lot of ideas in stock that have not yet been implemented? Are you constantly late for appointments and appointments? Can't part with your smartphone even when you spend time with your family? Not that we blame you, but all this does not color you, and it's time to do something about it. Constantly check yourself, ask: “Am I doing the right thing? Am I distracted by stupidity? At first glance, this does not help to build relationships with others. In fact, a collected and purposeful person “infects” everyone with whom he communicates with this. Become a model for everyone - and you will see how pleasant changes literally break into your life.


Relationships can cool down, and no one is to blame. Routine draws us in and doesn't give us time to surprise and wonder. The only way out is to allocate time through I can not. Do all the work early and escape from the office (or don't even do it, if your conscience allows). In the minutes you save, try to come up with something new that you and your partner have never done before. Skydiving. Going to a noisy nightclub. A trip to an exotic country. Naturally, at first your tastes will not match. Make separate wish lists (among other things, this way you will spend less time) and show each other. Coincidences, at least approximate ones, will become your plans. Good shared memories are the best way to keep relationships alive and interesting.

Remember that only you can decide what your life will be like. If something interferes with you or does not bring proper results - get rid of it! When bad things are removed from your life, there is room for good things.

It also happens that it is not always possible to calm down on your own. In such cases, sedatives such as Novo-Passit® may come to the rescue. This is a drug of complex action based on 7 medicinal plants. It contains an extract of lemon balm, hawthorn, elderberry, passionflower, valerian, hops, St. John's wort and guaifenesin. Thanks to this composition, Novo-Passit® has a double effect - gently calmsand relieves anxiety, while not requiring a course. The drug is suitable even for children from 12 years of age.

Korsun V., Korsun E., Vrach, 2006.-N 5.-S.50−52

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