How to make 7 salon treatments at home

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How to make 7 salon treatments at home
How to make 7 salon treatments at home

Salon care usually requires an impressive financial outlay. And yet, there are some procedures that you, without prejudice to your appearance, can easily repeat at home, saving a decent amount.

7 salon procedures that you can save on by doing at home
7 salon procedures that you can save on by doing at home

Going to a beauty salon is often a lot more expensive than you originally thought. Even if you decide to simply trim the ends of your hair, you just have to be in a chair in front of a mirror, as there are many temptations. “Maybe we’ll make a care mask?”, “Wash our hair with a miracle shampoo?”, “Let’s do it not with a hairdryer, but with a curling iron?” - the stylist will definitely ask all these questions.

But try to control yourself and read about procedures that do not have to be done in the salon. You can handle them just as well at home!


You may have already forgotten the days when you did a great job with a manicure at home yourself! We have no doubt that you started taking care of your nails at school, and it is unlikely that you had the opportunity to visit salons. If you want to save money, then "take on the old" - get a high-quality manicure set and take care of your nails yourself. Surely you can gently push back cuticles, remove burrs and file your nails without the help of a professional.

Shellac removal


Waxing is another salon service that can be quite expensive. A jar of wax and strips will cost in total less than once to do hair removal at the master. Another option is no less effective - instead of wax, use an epilator that has been gathering dust on your shelf for a long time. The procedure will take longer than wax hair removal, but it requires less skill. True, if you are not one of the daredevils and are not ready to inflict this pain on yourself (oh, we know what it is!), Then, of course, it is better to contact the salon.

Salon Facial at Home: Cleansing

Contactless face cleaning can easily be replaced by a special electric brush for home use. These devices have long earned our trust - the brush helps to effectively cleanse the skin, get rid of oily sheen and small scars. A noticeable effect will appear in 2-3 weeks if you use the gadget regularly. For comparison, face cleaning in a salon in Moscow will cost from 3,500 rubles, and a Clarisonic brush costs from 8,000 rubles - this is a profitable investment. By the way, similar devices from other brands, Braun or Philips, will cost even less!

Eyebrow correction

Eyebrow correction is the kind of care that needs to be done by the master only once. Then you just have to not be lazy, pluck out extra hairs, keeping the shape that the stylist created. Moreover, you can purchase a paint that matches the shade and tint the eyebrows yourself. Believe me, saving without compromising on looks is not difficult at all!

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