8 signs it's time to end a relationship

8 signs it's time to end a relationship
8 signs it's time to end a relationship

Sometimes we do not understand that the relationship has exhausted itself, because nothing terrible happens: there are no scandals and showdowns, but there is cool sex and a quite comfortable life together. But something is wrong. There are signs that this is the beginning of the end. Do not ignore them - unless, of course, you feel like chopping a dog's tail piece by piece.

8 signs it's time to end a relationship
8 signs it's time to end a relationship

How to understand that it's time to end a relationship


You get irritated over little things

He collects cups from the computer. He drives a car, saying: “What are you doing, monkey, son of a donkey!” He picks at his navel, and then considers his finger thoughtfully. It's unbearable! But the stupid habits of your dear before not only did not irritate you, but even seemed funny. The problem is not what he does. The problem is, he's even in your life and it's annoying, annoying, annoying.

You see no reason to respect him

It does not matter what he actually achieved - you will find a reason to discount any of his successes. Got a promotion? I sat out, finally, it is strange that not for retirement. Did you go in for sports and fashion yourself an amazing body? Mind is not necessary to pull the barbell. Learned a foreign language? All normal people did this at the institute, in fact. No, you have not turned into a vixen. There are simply no feelings anymore, and the mind is trying to find an excuse for this.

You lie to him

On trifles. He asks where you were, you answer that you met a friend, although in fact you looked into the bookstore and disappeared for two hours at the shelf with new products. Senseless, irrational lies. What for? Not why, but why. Because you subconsciously seek to close some part of your life for him. Your own life, not yours.

You avoid being touched

Don't take his hand, don't run your fingers through his hair, pull away if he wants to hug you. All this is reminiscent of an appendicitis attack: you are uncomfortable, you take a pill and feel quite tolerable for a couple of hours. And then a crazy pain twists you. But the body warned! So it is here - now you are ignoring the signals of your body, but soon you will begin to feel sick and shake from one of its smells. And it was necessary to cut to hell, without waiting for peritonitis.

Signs of the end of a relationship: OH

He doesn't make you laugh

It's not like he's hired as your staff clown, but he used to be so much fun! And now no. Take a closer look at the men around you: any pedantic cracker and bore begins to sparkle with sparkling humor as soon as he falls in love. Because the easiest way to make a girl happy right now is to make her laugh. This is a completely natural mechanism that men do not even track. Are the jokes over? So it's all over.

He makes demands

Senseless and merciless. For example, so that you stop reading before going to bed, and not because the light interferes with it, but because you went to bed with whom at all, with him or with your book? The concentration of nonsense in his ultimatums sometimes goes off scale, and you do not understand what is happening at all. Nothing good, unfortunately. A man is not looking for a reason to throw out his irritation, he creates it. Out of the blue.

He doesn't support you

This is the very case when you need to believe not in deeds, but in words. If you have been together for a long time, then your man can do something simply by inertia. He is used to running after work for your favorite wine, he is used to driving if you have a hard road ahead, he is used to helping you in the situation “Oh, I didn’t touch anything, it’s on its own.” Listen to what he has to say when you share your experiences with him. If he no longer tells you that you can do it, that you are smart, that there is no need to worry, because he is there - it's a trumpet.

He's trying to control you

He absolutely needs to know who you're going shopping with on Friday. By name! How do you know when a relationship needs to end? He writes indignant SMS if you are late for 15 minutes. He demands to tell who Alexey Petrovich Ivanko is, who for some reason is calling you. Customer? And why didn't you tell about him - are you hiding something? Forget the phrase "Jealous means love." Jealous means trying to suppress you. He is no longer interested in you, he is interested in power over you. And the more power, the more often he imagines himself to be Napoleon. Give him the battle of Waterloo. Photo: pixbay.

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