Alena Vodonaeva staged festivities at her son's birthday

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Alena Vodonaeva staged festivities at her son's birthday
Alena Vodonaeva staged festivities at her son's birthday

TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva organized a magical birthday party for five-year-old son Bogdan with characters from Russian folk tales

Alena Vodonaeva arranged festivities at her son's birthday

Last Monday TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva gave her five-year-old son Bogdan a fabulous birthday. The boy was born on on August 23, but at that time the whole family was vacationing in the USA, where 33-year-old Vodonaeva left for the whole of August. It turned out that Alena planned Bogdan's birthday while still in America, despite the time difference.

After returning to Moscow, Alena prepared for her son a holiday in Russian folk style. The party was held in the suburbs in a wooden two-story chalet restaurant. The hall was decorated in folklore style, and the birthday boy proudly rode around the restaurant on a horse, greeting his friends. Close friends of the TV presenter with their children came to congratulate Bogdan - the host of the Dom-2 project Ksenia Borodina, former participants in the TV show Katya Zhuzha and Daria Pynzar, figure skater Anastasia Grebenkina and many others. The guests were entertained by heroes in chain mail, beauties from folk tales in kokoshniks and trained bears. But the children were especially delighted with the performance of the animators in the costumes of Transformers and Zmey Gorynych.

Later Alena Vodonaeva posted some photos from the holiday on her Instagram. In a comment to one of them, the TV presenter wrote:

"Friends, thank you to everyone who came! It was the best party of my life. It was a great holiday and I am very glad that everyone enjoyed everything. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks!" (author's spelling and punctuation preserved).

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