Yulia Vysotskaya will host the morning show on NTV

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Yulia Vysotskaya will host the morning show on NTV
Yulia Vysotskaya will host the morning show on NTV

TV presenter of the popular cooking show "Eat at Home" launches a morning author's program, where she will talk about various topics, from fashion to gardening. Actor Jemal Tetruashvili will become Vysotskaya's co-host.

Julia Vysotskaya will become the host of the morning show on NTV

Starting next Monday, September 7, a new author's program of actress Yulia Vysotskaya called"Morning with Yulia Vysotskaya". The new project will be broadcast on weekdays.

Yulia's co-host will be the actor of the popular sitcom "Traffic Light" Dzhemal Tetruashvili. Previously, he collaborated with the STS channel, which owns the series, but due to numerous disagreements with the producers, he had to terminate the contract. As it turned out, the presenters studied at parallel courses at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and have known each other for a long time.

In addition to cooking, the show will discuss topics ranging from gardening to parenting. Also, viewers themselves will be able to suggest topics, tell their stories, ask questions, thus creating the content of the program.

Recall that earlier Yulia Vysotskaya hosted the culinary show "We Eat at Home". In addition, the actress plays in the theater. Moscow Council, is the editor-in-chief of the KhlebSol gastronomic magazine and the author of books about he althy and tasty food. Yulia also opened a restaurant of author's cuisine in Moscow.

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